Monday 4 January 2016

Boxing Day Sale Haul


Sorry that I haven't posted in a while. I have been enjoying my time off college and spending time with family and enjoying everything that comes with the festive holidays. One of those things are the Boxing Day sales and I went into Leeds a few days after Boxing Day due to travel and flooding problems within Leeds and I thought that I would tell you what I bought.

The first place that I went into was Lush. Yes, I did try and do the online sale and I will talk about that in another blog post. I bought quite a bit in store so I thought that I would do separate blog post on that after this post so check out for that. When it goes live, I shall update this post with a link to it.

The next place that I went to was The Body Shop because it is only around the corner from Lush and I wanted to see if they had any of their festive range left in their sale. Sadly, they did not have any more Frosted Cranberry Shimmer Mist's which I have been living off during the festive period. I then went to see if they had any Frosted Cranberry Shimmer Lotions left which I thought they did as there was a sample version available to try so I picked one up from behind it and popped it in my basket. Sadly, it was a Frosted Plum one which I like the smell of but not as much as I love the Cranberry scent so I may use this more in the Spring when it seems more suitable as the scent is quite clean/floral based. I also picked up a Frosted Cranberry Shower Gel as I needed to stock up on some. Can you tell that I love the Frosted Cranberry scent? It's sweet but fruity and has a bit of shimmer to it which I love. It's one of those scents that you either love or hate. I think that all three scents that The Body Shop released this Winter are all like that. Shower Gel was £2 and the Shimmer Lotion was £4. Check out what is left of the sale here.

I did pop into Burton as they had a sale but sadly they didn't really have anything that I want even though my wardrobe is quite Burton central due to myself having a thing for shirts and also the fact that Burton do some pretty good shirts. They did have a lot in the sale but none of it screamed out to me.

The next place that I wandered into was Topman, I already knew that they had a sale on and with Topman and Burton, I get an extra 10% off due to my NUS card. I searched the sales racks for quite some time and was deciding between a cute printed tshirt from the Topman X Nick Grimshaw collaboration and a classic sort of baseball tshirt with floral sleeves. I was leaning more towards the Topman X Nick Grimshaw top but I can't resist a bit of floral clothing so I decided to pick that one up in the end. I also was about to go to the till when at the side of the last rack that I was looking through I found a lot of what I thought were jackets when I realised that they were capes and that I have seen them all over the web and on catwalks so I thought that I would get one because I could wear it with different things and it felt quite soft which meant I could still wear it in the quite chilly weather that we having at this very minute. I am planning on doing a blog post just on the cape and the many different ways you can style it. Top was £7 and the cape was £12.50 but I also had an extra 10% off.

I then went to River Island as it lives next door to Topman/Topshop within Trinity Leeds. I wandered around the store and flicked through all of the sales racks and found nothing that seemed me. I love sales but I never really buy anything unless I know that I will wear it and nothing in the sales section of River Island seemed.

(I also got a few things from H&M just before Christmas when I was in Bradford with Michelle after filming for my Film Studies coursework so we headed into H&M where we found a nice shirt within the sales section which had a round sort of penny collar which I fell in love with and a sort of rain trickle design all over it. I also wanted a Christmas jumper for Christmas Day which I slowly found at the back of the store. There was a few different designs including one with bells attached to the jumper but I decided to go for a green one which says Candy Cane Addict on which makes the jumper more of an all round one instead of a Christmas jumper which means I can get away with wearing it when I want to really.)

I then ventured to Primark as I knew that I could always rely on Primark to have something that I want. They always have a good selection of shirts and other things that I always end up needing. I searched the store and found a good chunk of shirts which I nearly ended up getting but I resisted as I knew that I was in need of a new belt. It was £4 It's practical and when you need one, you need one. I found a brown one which I liked the look of and decided to get it. I then went to look at the shirts as I could only resist for so long and decided to get a grey checked shirt which came with a black longline t-shirt which meant that I got two things for £12 which is great in my opinion.

The last place that I went was Pulp. It's rare that I go here but when I do, I end up spending quite a bit so I was pretty proud of myself when I realised that I had only bought one thing. I decided to buy one of the band merch tops that they always have on offer for 2 for £25 but I felt that I didn't need two but could suffice buying one. I decided to get a Misfits top (they are a Punk rock band) as I liked the design of the top and before you even do the why did you buy a top when you've never listened to the band so I will listen to the music when I have typed up this post as I have music on at the minute.

So thats the end of my Boxing Day Sale Haul post. I hope that you have enjoyed it. Do you like any of the clothes that I have mentioned above? Did you buy anything from the Boxing Day sales? Let me know down below. Thank you for reading this post and I hope that you enjoyed it. Don;t forget to come back and read my Lush Haul when its up. I hope to see you next time for another blog post.

Jamie x


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