Tuesday 29 December 2015

My Resolutions For 2016

Meow, so as 2016 is coming around the corner, I thought that it would be a good idea to write what I want to improve on and stuff within 2016 therefore I can get to end of 2016 and look back on this blog post and see if I have done any of the things that I want to do. I feel like that is influenced by Bridget Jones which I normally watch every New Years'. I think that it's best if I just put them in a bullet point list and explain what I mean by each one so here is my resolutions for 2016.

Bridget is the face of New Years resolutions.
If you have watched the infamous films then you definitely should know this.

  • Sort my mental health out.
    As you all probably know, I have anxiety attacks and other things quite often but I have never actually seen a doctor about it mainly because well waiting for the doctor's makes me anxious which means that I don't want to go in. Honestly, the last time that I actually tried to go to the doctors, I kind of ran out of the doctors and I've never been since.
  • Lactose Intolerance
    I have realised via many different ways that my body doesn't agree with lactose which is the sugar found in dairy products. I don't really take full notice of this sometimes as most of my favourite things contain lactose in somehow and I've not been strict and ended up doing the whole 'ah well I'll live with the consequences when they happen' sort of thing so I would like to actually cut down on my lactose intake and hopefully replace it with things that my stomach can handle such as the various lactose free milks.
  • Laptop

    So I got given a laptop from my high school earlier this year due to many reasons and basically since I got it, the mouse has stalled, the laptop has stalled and other things have happened and I have to shut the lid to get them to not do it for five or so minutes which is very annoying when you're trying to look at something such as a link for a blog post and then trying to get the mouse to click back onto the post that you're writing. I haven't had time to send it back to Currys/PC World which I need to do asap.
  • Don't give a shit!
    I care about a lot which I need to stop doing. I just need to relax and be how I want to be and not care about what others think a lot. If I want to write a post about something weird then I should do it and if I want to turn up to an event with my hair scraped up in pj's then I should do it. I care a lot about what people will think when I do certain things and I shouldn't to be really honest. If I want to dye my hair bright blue with several other colours within my hair then I should just do it, I did it last year with getting piercings and I don't regret that at all so I should not give a shit a lot more often.
  • Sort out my blog a bit.
    I love my blog. It's kind of my baby as I've put a lot of effort and time into it. I just think that it can do with a few improvements such as doing up the layout. Doing more series. Being consistent with said series. I want to finally crack on with my food series, I want to do more beauty posts as I love beauty. I want to do more fashion posts because I love fashion. I just want my blog to be perfect in my own eyes which may mean a bit of improvement...
  • Work with more brands.

    I love getting perks like any other blogger does. I love it especially when it's a random package and you weren't expecting it to come through the post... This happens a lot with packages from Urika/Lush PR and I love it! I love learning about a brands ethos and why the brand was created and what they want to tell their audience and I love putting that into my own words and I love finding out about a brands product and trying the products out. It may be a brand that I've never heard of but normally I end up loving them and I love telling you guys what I love about said product/brand. I mean I've loved Alpro Soya for so long and I got to work with them this year which was amazing.
  • Figure out my future
    I'm at college and any free time I have ends up being spent on blogging and any other time is spent on replying to emails and relaxing but with going to college, I'm meant to have some clue what I want to do after and I slightly don't. I think I want to do Media as it will improve my skills that I've learnt via blogging and such and hopefully create a job that way which may end up in something to do with Social Media, PR, Marketing etc but that may mean going to university and I'm not sure if I want to go to Uni or not yet.
There is probably more resolutiona brewing such as making all that Smashed Avocado on Toast (inside joke to most bloggers even though Nigella does make a good one) and other things but those are the main ones that I want to try and achieve throughout 2016. 

Have you got any resolutions for the new year? Let me know by commenting down below. I hope that you have enjoyed this post and I hope that you have a great New Years Eve and that you don't forget to let your inner Patsy Stone and Edina Monsoon to come out and have a good time. I hope to see you next time for another blog post! 

Jamie x 

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