Saturday 12 December 2015

Diary Of A Meowing Lushie: Oops I Did It Again! | Lush Haul

If you have read my last post (if not then read it here because it's an amazing blog post) then you will know that I was invited to the revamp launch of Lush Leeds Spa and what does Jamie do best at Lush? Smell products and then purchase them so I thought it would best if I did a haul post as it means that in my mind I can suffice spending money on Lush products instead of getting people Christmas presents... (Sidenote: I don't think I'm getting anyone any presents because I end up buying stuff for myself instead. Is the presence of myself a good emough present because I'm thinking it is.)
First of all, I think that I'm going to tell you guys about the things that I bought and then I'll tell you guys what I got in the goodie bag. Second of all, I hope you all don't mind being referred to as 'you guys' because thats what I'm going to be calling all of you throughout this post. Third of all, you're probably best off getting some packets of biscuits (yes you read that right, I said packets because a packet lasts me a good ten to fifteen minutes if I'm being good and this post is going to take a while to read) and a good glass/mug of a drink of your choice... The first product that I'm going to talk about is an old favourite of mine which is Shoot For The Stars even though its only been going for two years. It has a wonderful midnight blue colour with golden and silver shimmer running throughout the product. Apparently the product contains Brazillian Orange and Bergamot Oils which I don't detect at all but instead I get the smell of sweet sweet honey which is the same scent that is within Honey I Washed The Kids, Golden Egg, Gold FUN, It's Raining Men and much much more. When dropped into the water, it creates such a lovely galaxy effect with shimmer which makes your bath look like the night sky and honestly I want it as my hair colour. Priced at £3.65
The second product that I bought was Yog Nog. I have a confession to make! I have only smelt the Yog Nog soap twice and I have never used it so when I saw the Yog Nog bomb in store I was very hesitant to buy it but after smelling it and hearing wonderful things about it from Faith, I thought it would be wise to buy it. This product has a lot of oils in such as Coconut & Jojoba Oil which means that it is instantly going to nourish and moisturise your skin but it also has Clove Bud Oil in for scent to give you a spicy sweet note. The bath bomb smells like dark toffee so I can't wait to use it!
Number three is Avobath. Okay so this isn't that festive and is the only one from the non Christmas range. I read a Buzzfeed article a while back about Lush which said Avobath being a natural air freshener and the last time I used it I left it for a bit and it did what the Buzzfeed article said so I thought I would do it again because the scent is so amazing. This ballistic does have lustre in but I love it for many different reasons such as the vivid colour, the Lemongrass and Bergamot scent which makes you feel peppy just from smelling it and the softening properties of Olive Oil and Fresh Avocado. Priced at £3.50.
The next one that I am going to talk about is Luxury Lush Pud. This one is based around Lavender, Tonka and many other things. If you're a regular lushie then you will know Lavender and Tonka make up a Twilight bath bomb so imagine this as it's festive cousin. The bath product has been made to look like a Christmas pudding to make it even more festive but it also have circles of colour on the side which explode when dropped into the water to create an amazing colour. It's one of those that you have to try. Priced at £3.95
The final product that I bought was GW. Yes, you all knew it would be! I fell in love with it last year and I was so delighted when I saw it gleaming at me within the store as I knew it was back for another year. This one contains Lime and Cognac which makes it smell festive yet zesty at the same time. It also turns a sparkly blue/turquoise when slipped into the bath water. There are three layers to a GW and in the middle is a little present of exploding Gold Edible Stars. Fun fact: It takes a full week for just one of these bad boys to make! There is also First Snow Dusting Powder and Celebrate Body Lotion for after the bath if you love it that much... This comes in at £3.95 and it is worth every single penny. (You can also get it as an Alcohol Free ballistic if you want. If you want to have a look at it then click here.)
Now onto the gorgeous goodie bag! The first thing that I am going to talk about is Holly Golightly. This is a bubble bar which smells like Hot Toddy Shower Gel (it was available last year but sadly not this year.) It has that spicy festive smell thanks to Clove Leaf Oil and Cinnamon which you find in a lot of festive things and many Christmassy candles. It also has a sweet kick thanks to the Lime and Sweet Orange Oil. It is smothered in lustre which is fine to me and should be fine to you if you love lustre or want something for the party season. A bubble bar is simply a bar that contains Bicarb and Cream Of Tartar which when mixed with water makes bubbles. Crumble under running water to get these bubbles. The water turns a nice sparkly green. Comes in at £4.95.
The next thing is The Magic Of Christmas.This product is like Yog Nog Ballistic in the fact that I have never used it before. This one is a reusable bubble wand which means you swish it under water to get the bubbles and then you leave it to dry and then reuse it. This product contains Orange, Cinnamon and Almond Oil which is essentially the scent of a Mince Pie. I love Cinnamon but I'm not a massive fan of Almond smelling things so I'll have to see what this is like. The fact that this is encased in two different lustres means that you'll get an incredible colour within your bath. I also love how this year it's on a Cinnamon stick as last year it was on a lollipop stick which broke after a while. This also means you can essentially stick the stick in bath water and have a bath with that. This is why I love Lush. You do get more which means it is a bit pricier but it is worth it if you love a good warming scent. Priced at £5.95.
This one may be a bit controversial. It's Candy Mountain! This one shares it's scent with Snow Fairy, y'know that really sweet Candy Floss/Bubblegum/Pear Drops smelling shower gel that is a festive cult classic? Well, here's the thing... I hate it. The scent makes me feel really nauseous after a while so I've had to rehome this one to the wonderful Michelle who loves Snow Fairy and is very grateful for the present. It turns the bath water a very magnificent pink colour and if you like the sound of it then you should go buy it, Priced at £2.95. The last thing in my goodie bag was something that you might love or hate thanks to Emma Blackery and it's the Twilight shower gel. This shower gel is very limited edition and only is available via a gift set. The product contains Lavender and Tonka like Twilight and Luxury Lush Pud. The shower gel is a very vivid purple colour and has lustre running all throughout it which makes it the perfect item for Lavender fans. I've only used it once so I can't say anything yet as you know I won't review anything unless I've used at least a good few times/used the product for a week. I love Lavender so I think that I will enjoy this one but as I have literally smelt it before bed and then fell straight asleep may mean that I won't bulk buy it on Kitchen like Emma did but I will gladly buy one or two bottles when it does come to Kitchen. Lush USA have it as a festive limited edition product which I think the UK should do.
So that's everything that I got from the Lush Leeds Spa Revamp Event anyways. I hope that you have enjoyed reading this. I still can't thank the guys at the store enough for inviting me and putting on such a good event! Don't forget to comment if you've tried the Twilight shower gel or with what's your favourite festive Lush product! I hope to see you next time for another blog post. Meow! Jamie x

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