Thursday 7 January 2016

Diary Of A Meowing Lushie | Lush Christmas Haul


If you checked out my last blog post then you will know that I bought some stuff over the festive period which included some Lush products and as I bought quite a bit I thought that it would be best to do a post on its own all about Lush. Some stuff is from the sale and some is not but all of it is limited edition except one product I think so the stuff that I mention might not be able to purchase by the time this goes up.

I got a few presents off Luke which I will talk about first as I picked them out a while ago and then received them on Christmas Day. Before you ask if it's not fun because you know what you're getting and the answer is no. It is fun because I forget what I'm doing within at least 24 hours of doing it unless I check/sniff the bag etc so it's still a lot of fun realising what Lush presents I have to add to my drawer.

The first thing that I am going to talk about is So White. I have never used So White as I'm not the biggest fan of Apple Scents so So White hasn't really appealed to me in the past but Luke loves it and wants to try and get me to like it for when the Christmas range comes back in 2016. This ballistic contains Bergamot Oil, Rose Absolute Oil and many other amazing essential oils. The ballistic slowly disappears in the bath where the white goes and in the middle the pink shows which slowly turns the bath water such a wonderful colour.

The next product is Luxury Lush Pud. I've already talked about it in the past and within the last lush haul which I shall link here. This product is the festive cousin of Twilight. The ballistic is scented with Lavender and Tonka Absolute. The Lavender creates a soothing scent which is amazing for nightime/before going to bed whereas the Tonka Absolute gives a sweet kick to the scent which cuts through the lavender to give it a slight toffee kick. There is also spots of colour on the product which make it go a pretty colour.

The next thing that I got was a Dashing Santa. The name of this ballistic comes from an inside joke at the Lush factory that is within Poole as the staff are so busy at the festive time of the year therefore they ended up being dubbed Dashing Santa's. This one is meant to have a scent of Satsuma's which I understand when I smell it but I think versions of this (2014) had more of a strong scent to it which I loved so I was slightly a bit underwhelmed when I smelt this years version. It contains Bergamot Oil, Mandarin Oil and Orange Flower Absolute. This Santa also has Gold boots so there will be a hint of lustre when you drop it into the water so if you're not a big fan of lustre then you might not like this one.

The next one that I got was Shoot For The Stars. I've talked about this one quite a lot within the past as I love the scent of this ballistic and I also love what it does to the water. There is rumours of this one taking over Honey Bee as a permanent as they both share the same scent but Honey Bee doesn't sell as much as SFTS does at Winter. (I think that might be why but as it's a rumour please don't bank on this.) If you're not familiar with the scent then it is a mixture of Brazilian Orange and Bergamot which creates a deep sweet honey/toffee scent. You need to purchase one for me to explain what it does in the bath.

Cinders. Now I did get one of these last year (2014) but sadly it crumbled before I had the chance to use it. This one is influenced on fireside moments and when you want that fireside moment in the bath when its cold. Cinders contains Almond Oil, Sweet Orange Oil and Cinnamon Leaf Oil to give that sort of spicy Cherry Cola scent that it is so known for. It also has Vegan Popping Candy on top as well to complete that feeling of being at the side of the fire. It is quite a small bath bomb but it packs a punch!

Golden Wonder. Yes, I got more Golden Wonder's. I love the citrus scent that they give off and ah, it's just so amazing. The scent is a mixture of cognac, lime and orange! The colour that give the water is such a lovely hue of turquoise and the lustre adds a glimmer of shine but not too much to the point where it would put you off using one again. Did you know that it takes a week to make one due to the layers within the product? I nearly got the Celebrate perfume when it was on the Kitchen a while back but I didn't have the money to spend on just one product so sadly I didn't get it. (The Golden Wonder scent is in all of the Celebrate range.)

The last thing that Luke got me was a Santa's Lip Scrub. I wanted one of these last year but by the time I got round to getting one they were all sold out so I got a Mint Julep one instead and that started my love for sugar lip scrubs from Lush. This product has caster sugar in so you can scrub away all the dead/dry skin that Winter brings but also has Coconut Oil which moisturises the lips, Aniseed Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Lime Oil and an extract of Cherries and Dates to give the product a Cherry Cola scent. It also has little red hearts which sounds weird but works.

The rest of the post is things that I bought within the sale. Sadly I didn't get chance to buy anything online which I shall explain in another post but I did go in store and picked up some things that were left from the sale.

The first things that I bought was a Snowman FUN.

If you don't know what FUN is then I shall explain it for you. FUN is a concept that the Founder of Lush, Mo Constantine came up with so her grandchildren would be interested within Lush and bathtime cosmetics. The concept is that this product can be multipurpose and can be moulded into anything possible so the children have fun making something and then get to enjoy it. The concept was first trialled in Japan and it was such a success so Lush brought it out everywhere. You can use FUN as shampoo, bubble bath or soap. I have heard in the past that some have even used it as washing powder for clothes!

Snowman FUN has three different sections. A white section, a orange section and a black section therefore if you use all of these together you can create yourself your very own Snowman! You can then drown the snowman and have fun with your bath... The scent of this product is a fruity one thanks to Buchu Oil, Sicilian Lemon Oil and Bergamot Oil. If you're a Lushie then you will know that this shares the same scent as the Carrot Soap and the Bunch of Carrots that are released at Easter.

I also got a Gold FUN which shares the same scent as Honey Bee, It's Raining Men, SFTS and much more. It has a sweet honey/toffee scent via Orange and Bergamot which I completely love. This FUN is a seasonal limited edition one and I got to use it in 2014 at the Leeds event and never picked it up so I thought I would when it was half price this year. It does have Gold Lustre within so if you're not a big fan of lustre then I don't think that you will like this product but I love a bit of lustre so I adore this product.

The next thing that I got was a weird one. Hair Custard. Yes, custard for the hair. This product used to be an Oxford Street exclusive and I was tempted to get it but the price of it is quite expensive for 100g. When I saw it at the sale I had to get some as I knew that I loved the scent and I have heard people rave about this within the past. The product/dressing is meant to fight static and add moisture and shine. It sorts the condition of your hair out a bit via the egg whites that are in the product (as there is egg whites it isn't a vegan product) which is known throughout the media to sort your hair out quite well. You can use it many ways such as putting it on before blow drying or straight on dry hair to make sure that it is nourished which is what I have been doing (I'm halfway through reviewing it as I use beauty products for a week before I review them.) You can also use it as a hair perfume which is quite amazing. The scent is quite like Custard as the custard is mainly based on a Fairtrade Vanilla Pod Infusion, Grapefruit Juice and Fairtrade Vanilla Absolute.

I also got First Snow which is a dusting powder that shares the same scent as Celebrate and Golden Wonder. It has Cognac, Lime and Sweet Orange in which I absolutely adore and has a bit of lustre within so if you don't like lustre then it's probably not for you which means more for me! It is meant to be used as a finishing product as you put it on just before going out and is meant for that festive party season. I use it mainly when I want a little bit of a pick me up. 85 also contains talc which is slightly nourishing to the skin. I got it for half price which came to around £3. I was a bit disappointed that Celebrate Lotion had vanished into thin air which meant I didn't get any this season as paying £12 for a body lotion was a bit on the expensive side for me when it was available. This is a great product to accompany the Golden Wonder and I may use it after a bath with one in the future!

The last thing that I got was Reindeer Rock, I did get it via Luke but I thought I would put it here. If you have read any of the other DOAML posts then you will know that I LOVE The Comforter scent and yes that is what this soap smells of. This was out last year but it was a different colour and had little reindeers printed all over it whereas this year (2015) Lush have decided to go for a Carrot Soap concept where there is just one reindeer in the middle of each bar of soap. (If you've never seen Carrot Soap before then the concept is that it is shaped as a massive carrot and then every slice of soap contains a big rabbit in the middle of the bar.) The soap contains Lingonberries which give the soap that Comforter-esque scent but also keeps dry skin at bay. Bergamot Oil and Cassis Absolute which can also be found within The Comforter Shower Cream and Bubble Bar. I am tempted to have a Triple Comforter bath with the shower cream, bar and soap but I'm not sure yet... Hmm... (PS It has lustre in. I shall report back to you somehow about how much lustre ends up on the skin.)

So, that is everything that I got from the Lush Winter Sale. Did you get anything? Have you bought any of the above? Let me know in the comments section! I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and I hope to see you next time for another blog post!

Jamie x


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