Saturday 6 February 2016

Preparing For The Super Bowl at Shooters Sports Bar Leeds


I was invited by the lovely Shooters Leeds to try out their Super Bowl package in preparation of Super Bowl which is happening this weekend.

Shooters Sports Bar is a very well respected sporting venue within the North. They are the epitome of sports watching with several HD TV's and projectors, You can experience the ultimate sporting experience via your own VIP seating area. The Shooters bar has two floors. One for casual drinking and one for sports maniacs so if you love sports or want somewhere amazing to hang out and watch some good sports then I suggest coming here!

Myself and Luke travelled to Leeds as we normally do. When we got to Leeds, we thought that we do a little bit of shopping as we arrived a tad bit early so we went into Yorkshire Soap Company to start with as Luke loves there and as they have some new stuff out for Valentines Day, If you want to find out what they sell then click here. We wandered around Boots as well but we then realised that it was nearly time for Shooters as we had a reservation booked in for five so we made our way leisurely to the establishment as it was only five minutes away from Boots.

We entered the venue and realised that it was heavily packed due to a darts meet and greet event. We walked up the metal stairs and walked to the bar. As it was packed, I waited a few minutes before enquiring at the bar. I showed the email and then was told that Chris would sort us out. Chris is the lovely manager of Shooters Leeds. Chris showed us to our table and told us a little bit about Shooters Leeds. He also told us about the Super Bowl package which contains a large sharing platter and some drinks. He asked us if we wanted a Coors to start off which I obviously agreed to as I was wanting something to drink and Coors fit the bill of being in the Super Bowl theme of the night. He then also told us to take plenty of pictures which I will put throughout the post. (Remember that I aren't the best photographer within the world so please don't expect professional photos!)

I took some pictures of the venue and then decided to watch a bit of basketball as we were sat in front of a big screen which was showing basketball. Shooters has many big screens that show a variety of sport shows every day. We waited a few minutes and someone came over with food but as I zoned out I didn't realise that it wasn't our food. Oops. Chris came over and sorted it out straight away! Five or so minutes later, Chris came over with our platter which looked incredible. (Shooters also do a lot more food so if you're not feeling a platter to share then you can always get a pizza/burger/other food to eat whilst watching a game!)

The platter contained many items of food but I think that it might be best to talk about them separately. There was onion rings which I love. They were crispy and sweet. I could literally eat Onion Rings for days. There was also BBQ sauce to dip stuff in. Okay, I love BBQ Sauce on anything savoury. This one had an acidic kick but it wasnt too much that it made your lips pucker but it was nice especially when contrasted with the Onion Rings. The next thing on the platter was Mozzarella Melts/Sticks. Okay so lactose is my ultimate bad vice mainly because I can't have it due to my body not liking lactose so I love Mozzarella Sticks and I loved these ones a little bit more due to the fact that they had a little bit of a kick from some Chilli I think but it wasn't too much of a kick that the Cheese couldn't speak for itself.

The next thing was Potato Wedges. I love Potato Wedges especially when I have BBQ sauce and Sweet Chilli Sauce to dunk them into. They were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. They were pretty great but I do think that they could do with a bit of pepper. I also think that these would be great as a massive bowl on their own with dips whilst watching a game at Shooters. There was also Cheesy Nachos. I rarely eat Nacho's due to the amount of Cheese and Lactose but these were pretty great/ They had slices of Onion running all the way throughout which gave a fresh kick when the Cheese got a bit too much. The Cheese sauce that they were in was really nice and I think the sauce reminded me of Sour Cream and Chive. I do think that it could have done with either some Lime Zest or Lime Juice as I like my tortilla chips with a bit of added zing. There was also Chicken Wings They were crispy and warm on the outside and succulent on the inside. I love a good Chicken Wing especially when I have BBQ sauce to dunk the meat into. I feel like I could eat all of this platter again and again but also it would be pretty good to have when out with friends in Leeds.

All in all, I had an amazing night. Chris was amazing, the whole place was filled with enthusiasm and there was just a good vibe during the time that we were there. The TV and acoustic music gave some amazing entertainment to the venue as me and Luke decided to play a game of guess the next cover which was a lot of fun. You can make bookings for Super Bowl on the Shooters Website which I shall link here.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post. I can't thank Chris enough for sorting us out when we got to Shooters and I can't thank the PR for inviting me. I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and I hope to see you next time for another blog post!

Jamie x

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