Saturday 14 November 2015

Filling The Pies With Sports | Shooters Sports Bar Menu Tasting


I got invited to try out the Shooters Sports Bar to try out their Rugby World Cup Menu which is within Leeds City Centre and I thought I would tell you guys all about it today.

Shooters Sports Bar is well a sports bar within Leeds City Centre. Shooters is all about bringing the best sporting experience to sports fanatics within the North Of England as Leeds is a prime city within the North they thought it would be best to set up shop within Leeds. With HD TV's and projectors you will get an amazing view of whichever sport you are watching. They are influenced via America when it comes to their food with things such as Chicken Wings, Burgers and much more.

Shooters were offering people a special menu whilst the Rugby World Cup was going on which was held within Leeds. The menu consisted of a pie with a filling that summed up a country that was within the Rugby World Cup and a beer from said country. If you got these two together then it came out to a deal which worked out to about £8 which is great in my opinion. `

When we finally arrived at the venue (you can probably tell by now that I aren't great going off road names thus why I take someone alongside me 99% of the time), we tried to find out what was going on so I sat Luke down and went on an adventure around the bar until I went upstairs and found a member of staff who had actually reserved a table for us which I think is amazing.

I brought Luke up and we followed the member of staff until we got to our seats in a slightly isolated bit of the bar which was amazing as the staff member explained that we might not want to be in the atmosphere of people playing pool whilst eating which made sense. The only problem I had with the seating was that it was quite dark which coming from a bloggers point of view made our photos quite dark unless flash/a torch was shining near it which probably made myself and Luke look weird to others in the bar.

We perused the menu and finally decided on what we wanted. Luke decided to go for the Tonga pie which consisted of Wild Boar And Apple (I'm guessing they eat a lot of Wild Boar in Tonga wherever that is) whereas I ordered the Japan Pie which consisted of Duck and Hoisin Sauce. I love Duck and Hoisin so I knew I was going to like it. We then nearly decided to get the beers that went with the countries as they both sounded delicious but I wasn't really in an alcoholic mood so I decided to order myself and Luke two Pepsi's because I'm that adventurous.

They did mix up the order a bit when it came as I ordered Luke's with mash and gravy and mine with just chunky chips as I'm not a big fan of mash and I'm sometimes a bit picky with gravy where as I ended up with mash and Luke's had chips and gravy. We sorted it out, took pictures and decided to eat.

I'm picky when it comes to pastry as well but the pastry on this pie was amazing, tender yet slightly crunchy on the top and soft underneath. The pieces of Duck were quite succulent. The only time I've had Duck in it's true form its always been a bit on the dry side but the pieces in the pie were succulent and chunky and almost reminded me of pieces of Beef. (Sounds weird I know but they kind of did.) The sauce was quite thick and had a deep flavour to it. I couldn't taste the hoisin as much as I was expecting to but instead I got a more resiny flavour with a deep backnote flavour of 5 spice which made it more warming than anything else and made it a great pie for when it's quite cold.

The mash was quite creamy as I had a bit before we sorted it all out. It was fluffy and creamy but I'm not a big fan of mash so after a couple of forkfuls I couldn't eat it. The chips were chunky and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside which made them quite good. I could eat a lot of them especially whilst catching up with someone. The mushy peas were amazing but quite vinegary for some reason. I think they could have also done with a bit of fresh mint which may sound a bit over the top but it would have contrasted a bit more with the rest of the dish.

On the whole, the dish was quite good and I would give it a good 7.5/10. The whole concept of the menu was amazing and sadly it has been discontinued for the obvious reason of the Rugby World Cup finishing. If you love Sports and want to catch up with people then Shooters is the place for you. (Click here to go to their site to find out more.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and I hope that you check out Shooters. Luke has also done a blog post about going to Shooters which I shall link here. If you enjoyed the idea of the pies above or enjoyed any at Shooters during the Rugby World Cup then let me know down below. I hope to see you next time for another blog post.

Jamie x

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