Tuesday 3 November 2015

Come And Join The CommYOUnity! | CommYOUnity Media


So I thought I would do a short blog post today (I say short but I will still end up rambling a lot)...

If you were reading my blog about a year ago then you will remember Aaron from my Lush Christmas Blogger Event post which I shall link heren case you wanna read it. Well he has created a new blog post and I thought I would talk to you guys about it today as it's an amazing project and Aaron is an amazing person so I thought why not?

Aaron has created a new project up which is called CommYOUnity Media. CommYOUnity Media is essentially a promotion environment where people can promote their things such as blogs, YouTube channels etc to other members who will promote it and give something back. Essentially it's a helping and giving back platform. It's also about nurturing said content creators who may be creating alternative content or independent things and helping them blossom into amazing people who therefore create amazing content. (Plus as it's based via YouTube, the pun CommYOUnity is a great one.)

Aaron has started the project via YouTube where he has started a series called Rise and Shine where essentially he talks about inspirational and motivating topics and ideas and makes sure the audience can do the same thing which lets the audience and himself rise and shine as people. The first and I think second one have gone up on the YouTube channel which consists of Aaron sharing his ideas for the project and what some of his friends wanted to do within the future. The second one is about a Chubby Bunny and something to do with satan but I've not had time to watch it yet due to writing blog posts, college and blogger events.

The whole other point of the YouTube channel is that other creators who are Aaron's friends shall be uploading their original content so the audience of the channel will get a varied amont of different content and also will be able to support and watch some amazing creators. Aaron is also doing sketches and certain things for the channel. He is also writing up what happens in every episode which shows dedication and gives a more in depth description of the video in a sort of council minutes sort of form.

If you want to check out the channel, click here.
If you want to go onto the CommunYOUnity Media Twitter then click here.
If you want to check out Aaron's Twitter, click here.
If you want to check out the CommYOUnity Blog then click here.

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