Tuesday 27 October 2015

Diary Of A Meowing Lushie: Odango Solid Shampoo, American Cream Conditioner & Tangled Hot Oil Treatment | Hair Care Review


So todays blog post is going to be about well what it says on the title. Hair Care but in specific a solid shampoo and a conditioner which is well known to other Lushies. If you've never bought anything from the hair care range at Lush then this post may help you slightly.

The pictures that are within this blog post will be from Google/Lush's website due to the fact that I only got the sample form of the products so I can't really get pictures of used little samples.

So when I went to Ox St, I went to their hair lab which is within their store. This is a section of the store where you can try some things from the hair care range and as I have never tried anything from the hair care range I thought I would try it in store and basically at the end of the trial they gave me some samples to take home and try.

The first thing that they gave me was Odango Solid Shampoo. They used the Hairy McClairy Solid Shampoo so I was slightly confused when I got this but ah well I still used it. Odango contains Honeysuckle and Rose Petal which makes up the scent of this product. There are also rose petals within the bar which make it look ultra pretty. There is also Chamomile Oil within the product which soothes the scalp. There is also a lot of other oils which include Lavender Oil and Orange Flower Oil which give a nourishing effect on the scalp. It's a great one for those who dye their a lot (eg me who dyes his hair Cosmic Blue - black with an oversheen coat of Blue which can be detected when light hits it.) as it doesn't fade the colour but instead makes it brighter and glossier to the eye. Click here if you want to buy Odango.

It's at the top as I wanted it as my featured image but this is what you get when you buy Odango. It has such a cute top layer.
The conditioner that I got given was American Cream. This is the highest selling product within Lush beating all the bath products put together and I understand why. This conditioner is inspired via 1950's American milkshakes therefore it has a Strawberry and Vanilla infusion to make the product smell like authentic milkshakes. This also makes the hair soft and shiny. The Strawberries have Vitamin C in which we all need but also cleanse the hair via thee oils within the Strawberries I think. Theres also Lavender in there which is amazing for the skin and hair, it balances out the oils in your skin and soothes the scalp which is amazing for people who sometimes have an irritated scalp or anything like that. The scent of the product is amazing. When I use it, I always end up wanting people to sniff my hair because well you have to share the scent with someone. Its a mixture of parma violets and strawberries in my opinion. I do find that it does what it needs to do but as my hair can be that dry sometimes I end up sticking a leave in conditioner on top just to ensure that it's fully nourished. It's so creamy and I can see why it's one of Lush's most sold products. Click here if you want to buy American Cream.

If your hair is sometimes very very dry like mine then you can also use the hot oil treatments that Lush do. I got given one on the day but I haven't used it mainly because I feel like I should use it before an event or when I really really need to use it as they nourish the hair that much and because I normally don't have the time to leave anything in my hair for long. (I end up having to plan when I dye my hair to ensure I'm not too busy.) I got given the Tangled one due to my hair not being damaged according to the Lush staff.

The product takes a good half an hour so its best to ensure that you have the time before using it. You boil some water in a kettle and put the product into a mug or an empty Lush black pot if possible, Add a small amount of water and start mixing the product via the stick with the water, you'll probably need more water (about 200ml if I'm right?) mix until there is no more product left on the stick and you have a thick creamy emulsion in the pot/mug. Apply to dry hair and leave for a good 20 minutes or more as this time will allow the oils to do the magic on your hair. Rinse and then do what you normally do with your shampoo. I doubt you will need conditioner as the oil does all the conditioning for you.

The product contains Rosewood and Ylang Ylang which tames the hair. The oil treatment contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil which help the hair's strength and makes it easier to comb through. The scent of it is mainly citrus via the Orange Flower Absolute and the Ylang Ylang that is in the product. I love the scent and it makes the product smell like a nice field within the Summer.

I haven't used it yet due to timing and other reasons as they do cost around £6 per product so I feel like it is a luxurious product for the price. If I do use it then I will probably let you know via a little blog post or probably a Tweet or something. If you've used a Hot Oil Treatment then let me know in the comments section down below. Click here if you want to buy Tangled.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post. If you've used any of the products mentioned above then let me know down below or via Social Media. I hope that you have enjoyed this Diary Of A Meowing Lushie post (let me know if you want these on more of a regular basis) and I hope to see you next time for another blog post.


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