Friday 9 October 2015

Am I A 'Blogger' Or Am I Just A Person Who Writes Their Opinions? | Rant


Today's blog post is a kind of rant which I have been wanting to write for quite a while. I don't know if or how many 'bloggers' I will offend with this post but I want to actually talk about the term blogger. If I do offend you then I am very very sorry but yeah it's something I have wanted to write for quite a while.

So, I've been blogging for over a year now and I have formed friends within the blogging community who class themselves as a blogger but what exactly is a blogger? I think that a blogger is someone that's highly well known within the blogging community with high stats and a lot of followers etc but most of you think differently and I think that you need to take a step back and realise what a blogger truly means. My great friend Lizi did a post kind of summing up what I'm talking about which I'm going to be talking about which I will link at the end of the post.

Everyone thinks that a blogger is basically who Zoella is. An amazing person who has it all. They get free stuff, they sit on their arse all day and do whatever whenever, they can spend loads on beauty products to review them and maybe one day get their own range or something, get loads of brands worshipping them etc and it's not like that at all.

First of all, yes free stuff is a massive perk for bloggers but its not definite and sometimes people don't really class it as 'free stuff'. You get the item from a brand sometimes to review, you then have to take several pictures to ensure you've got a good enough one to entice readers into reading the post, you have to write, edit, read, re edit, re read it, ensure its perfect, insert any pictures needed, add any links and then make sure things like SEO are set up etc and then publish and share it so its kind of just a good gesture from the brand for doing this all work for them. Most of the time, if I want to review something in particular then I will wait until it's on sale/an offer and buy it then as I don't have money to spend on things to review 24/7 so it doesn't feel that bad. I do the same if I buy something that isn't on sale. I review it so I don't feel like I've wasted a lot of money on the item. That's why I'm doing my Lush series (which shall be back next week.)

Sitting On Their Arse. Right, bloggers don't sit on their arses/ I barely left the house to be honest before blogging and now I go out most of the time due to being invited to some blogger events. I have built my confidence thanks to blogging! I'm also out more to shop even if it's just to get literally one product. I've gone places to take some photos. I've catched up with bloggers. (What was my point? Ah yes!) People who have a blog are very very busy people who don't spend their time sat on their arse doing nothing then think I'll write a blog post because I've got nothing else to do now... I know people who fit in blogging when they can which may mean around looking after children, working, college, important things.

Last thing that I am going to rant about is the money. Yes, the money. People think that it's easy to make money from a blog and it really isn't. I have to wait for someone to authorise that your blog is worthy and presentable for it to make money and then ad's appear on your blog but these ads only raise a very very small amount of money everytime you read a blog or a specfic post. There are other ways to make money which is via sponsored posts with a brand but most of the time again its not for enough money for you to become famous. It's probably enough money to get some new product to review about and the bad thing is that its never really something that fits with your blog at first until you become well known page view wise or you have to lie and say that you've not been paid or anything to get more money out of it. Most people don't go full time with their blogging unless they have a lot of views etc and know they can make an income out of it.

So, am I a blogger or just a person who says their opinions to the world? I think I'm just a writer within the blogging community which makes me a blogger of that sort. Am I ever going to become famous from blogging and earn loads of money? Probably not. Can I have fun from blogging and take it as it comes? Definitely. Can I tell everyone and show them that blogging isn't what they expect it to be. Of course I can!

I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you have anything to add to the above then comment down below. I hope you've enjoyed reading this little rant and I'll see you next time hopefully for another blog post.

Lizi's Post on Blogging:

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