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Lush Christmas 2020 Range: Bath

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I went to Lush recently to check out their new Christmas 2020 range with Luke. As there is a lot of products within this range, I thought that it would be best to separate it into three different posts. I was kindly allowed to safely smell and see what some of the products do when in action. I thought that today, I would talk to you all about the new Christmas Bath and Soap products! 

A rectangular bright orange glittery clock shaped bath bomb with defined features next to a white bear sitting down shaped soap with defined features next to a wide cylindrical dark orange-brown and white bubble bar with two black boot shaped pieces of solid oil on a white rectangular blanket with blue pictures of an animated alien and green leaves printed all over on a large rectangular light brown table on a bright background

Bath Bombs:

Golden Wonder 

I have created a blog post before about this product. This bath bomb is amazing. It contains Lime, Cognac and Orange which gives an uplifting zingy yet boozy scent. It creates a lovely mixture of blue and gold within the bath and is a great product to use when you need a pick me up, especially in those cold dark mornings of Winter. 

Shoot For The Stars 

I have also written a blog post about this product before. I have always loved this brilliant bath bomb. The product smells of sweet toffee with a citrus kick. Not only does this product contain gorgeous glittering stars, but it also contains Cocoa Butter which helps you to stay soft and hydrated in the Winter months. 

Snow Fairy Bath Bomb 

if you love the creamy scent of Snow Fairy that makes its appearance throughout the festive time of the year, then you will enjoy this product. It also helps you to enjoy your pamper time that little bit more by having glitter in. 

Snow Fairy Wonderball 

What's a Wonderball?. I hear you say? A Wonderball is a 3 in 1 bath product from Lush. The way that it works, is that the product contains a big bath bomb, sugar crystals and powder that can be used as a bubble bar product and a small bath bomb which not only locks the powder in the middle of the big bomb which ensures that the powder doesn't come out. The stopper can also be used as a single bath bomb too. If you love the Snow Fairy range, then you will definitely adore this. 

Luxury Lush Pud 

I have written a post about this before. This product has a brilliant Blackcurrant scent to it, which is similar to The Comforter from Lush and has different coloured spots all over which create bursts of colour in your bath. It's definitely a great product to have when you need something to help you relax. 

Tick Tock 

This a brand new product for 2020. This product contains Sweet Wild Orange Oil and Popping Candy. Due to this, the product makes for an uplifting bath. I always love bath products that contain Popping Candy as they make my bath experience feel that little bit more special. I can't wait to use this in the bath. 

Angels Delight 

This product contains Tangerine and Orange Oil. However, when I smelt this one in store, I didn't get a powerful Orange scent which was slightly disappointing to me. I got a more creamy scent with an Orange kick to it so I am hoping the citrus notes come out a little more when I use this product. This product also shares it's scent and name with an old Soap that was sold at Lush some time ago. 


This is a great product for children and adults alike. Not only is it cute but it is very softening due to the amount of Cocoa Butter that is in this product. I have also had the opportunity of making one of this beautiful bears before. If you love creamy scents that help you relax then you will definitely love this one. 

Holly Golightly Wonderball 

Again, this product can be used as three different bath products. This product was out last year, but it was in a different scent. Last year, this product had a spicy scent to it, but this year this product has a citrusy scent to it. If you love Avobath then you will definitely love this product. 

I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas 

I kind of love shouting this product's name out loud as it just has such a whimsical feel to it. This product is also really cute as it is shaped as a Hippo. I guess a Hippo shaped Bath product also has some ethical problems to it but hey ho. If you love the Very Very Frightening Shower Gel, or the old Space Girl Bath Bomb, then you will love this product as this product has a similar scent to it with a Raspberry kick to it. 

Jingle Bells 

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Rock! This product looks amazing and smells amazing. If you love anything with Orange and Patchouli in it then you will adore this! Not only does this smell great, but this product also has an amazing feature to it. If you shake the Bath Bomb, it actually jingles! 

Snowman Dreaming 

Winter always makes me daydream about Snowmen and walking in the air! Lush have created a plethora of animal shaped products this year, which include this super little Snowman. This Snowman has a soothing scent of Lavender and creates a rainbow in the bath which I think is amazing. I'm not the biggest fan of Lavender but I do quite like this product just due to the Snowman itself and the fact that it creates such lovely things in the bath. 

Winter Garden 

Honesty I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw that Winter Garden was going the Christmas range for the first time this year. I think I was expecting a faint sort of floral scent with nothing else to it, but that is definitely not what Winter Garden is. Winter Garden contains loads of little treats, which include Ylang Ylang and Blue Cornflowers. When you smell this product, you will be left wondering what the scent is yet believing that you know exactly what the scent is at the same time. This product reminds me of Odango which Lush created at their Oxford Street store many moons ago. If you like deep, resinous, slightly floral scents then you will enjoy this one. 

Bubble Bars: 

Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar 

Four for you, Glen Coco! You go, Glen Coco! This product is a reusable Bubble Bar, that you put under the tap to make bubbles. The best part about these types of bars, is that you can use them again and again! This product contains, Sicilian Lemon and Bergamot Oils, which gives the product a sweet citrus scent. I smelt this last year but I don't know if it was the level of scent, or being around other products, but I couldn't smell this much when I was in the store at the time. \

Elfie Stick Bubble Stick 

This product is adorable and kind of funny. This product combines the good old buddies of Christmas with  that good old stick that helps us take photos of a group of faces when we need to. This product looks like an Elf's leg and foot. This product is also a Bubble Stick. The best way to use a Bubble Stick is to, put it in the bottom of your bath tub, turn the tap on, watch the bubbles appear, and when you have as many as you want take it out and let it dry. This product contains Labdanum Resinoid, Sicilian Lemon Oil, Vetivert Oil and Tapioca Pearls. I'm a bit confused on what the Tapioca Pearls will do in this product, but nevertheless, I can't wait to use it. 

Kinky Boots 

Put those Red Stiletto Boots on, and party during the festive season! I was a bit unsure on what this product would be when I heard about it, as I was expecting it to be have a connection to the film/musical, but it doesn't. Instead, this is a 2 in 1 product that resembles Santa being stuck in a Chimney with his Boots sticking out. The Boots are a Bath Oil that contains, Cocoa Buter to keep you soft in the cold months, which can be snapped off and used on their own, and, a bubble bar that can be used for when you want some beautiful bubbles in your bath. 

Polar Bear Plunge 

We all need a chilly Polar Bear that will cuddle up to us in Winter. This cute little Bubble Bar is a wonderful product that is back for 2020. This beautiful bear contains Spearmint Oil, so if you are in need of something that helps to relax your muscles, or, something that is Mint based then you will adore this. I absolutely loved this bar last year, so I am pleased that it is back for 2020. 

Snow Fairy Roll 

If you love Snow Fairy and love Bubble Baths, then this product is definitely for you! If you have never smelt Snow Fairy before, then imagine the smell of Candy Floss mixed with Pear Drops mixed together to create a sweet fruity scent. Most people do either love or loathe this scent. This product resembles The Comforter Bubble Bar, but instead of the comforting Purple colour that The Comforter provides, this has a Pink sparkly colour to it. 


Baked Alaska

This was one of the first products that I ever bought from Lush. This product has been revamped this year to fit the new Soap design that Lush has changed to this year. This product has a design that looks like snow on top which I think is quite cute. In past years, the snow on top of the snow has always fallen off when using it which has always made me think of Dandruff, but this year it stays on. This product contains, Lemon Myrtle, Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit Oils which give off a beautifully rounded citrus scent. This Soap also contains Popping Candy... I'm not really sure why Popping Candy is in a Soap but I am intrigued to see what it brings to the experience of using this Soap. 

Polar Bear 

A brand new soap for 2020! This Soap is another amazing Animal creation! This product contains, Cocoa Butter and Coconut Milk Powder, which ensure that your little paws will be super soft after washing for 20 seconds. This Soap also contains, Brazilian Orange Oil, Peppermint Oil and Benzoin Resinoid, which create a refreshing scent with a citrus kick. I didn't smell it much when in store, but again, it may be one of those that I need to use to really experience the scent of this product. 

Golden Pear 

Golden Pear has been revamped this year to fit the new Soap shape that Lush are using for their Soaps. Last year, Golden Pear came in a pear shape, but this year it is in a block. If you have never smelt Golden Pear, then imagine a sort of fresh pear scent mixed with a resinous spicy scent that comes from the addition of Cardamom Oil, Brazilian Orange Oil and Sandalwood Oil. It is a great scent to use when Autumn is changing into Winter as it still has the woodsy notes you want in Autumn from Sandalwood but has that spicy hit thanks to the Cardamom. I adore this scent! 

Shooting Stars 

I'm definitely wishing for 2021 to be a lot better than 2020 when I use this Shooting Star! This product contains Star Fruit Extract, Lime Oil, Sicilian Lemon Oil and Bergamot Oil which gives this product a fresh citrus scent. This is definitely an amazing product when you need a pick me up in those cold, cold months! 


Cake and Snow always go together! This product has been out many times during the Winter months in many forms. Whether that be, Perle De Sel, Snow Angel Bath Oil, or, Snowcake Shower Gel. This Soap contains, Soy Yoghurt and Oat Milk which ensures that your hands are forever moisturised when washing with this Soap. This product contains Rose Absolute, Almond Essential Oil, Benzoin Resinoid, and, Cassie Absolute, which give off a very big Marzipan scent to this product. I'm not the biggest fan of Marzipan but I do like this scent every now and again when I want something decadent on my hands.

Have you tried any of the products from Lush Christmas 2020? Let me know down below! 

Thanks for reading!

Jamie x

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