Saturday 3 October 2020

Lush Christmas 2020 Range: Body

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Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that today, I would carry on my little series of blog posts all about the new Lush Christmas 2020 range. If you haven't checked out the first one, then click here to read it. This one is all about the body, including shower products, body lotions and much more. 

A cylindrical big black tub that says orange in big white font with body scrub in small white font with lush in bold small with font with a black rectangular label that says orange body scrub in big white font, lush and body scrub in small white font next to a cylindrical plastic bottle filled with bright neon yellow liquid with a black cylindrical lid, with a black rectangular label saying chestnuts roasting on an open fire in big white font with shower gel and lush in small white font next to another cylindrical plastic bottle with a black cylindrical lid filled with neon yellow liquid with a black rectangular label that says yog nog in white big font next to body milk and lush in small white font on a rectangular white blanket with blue accents on a large rectangular golden brown table on a bright background

Shower Gels: 

Roasting Chestnuts On An Open Fire 

Let's start off with a brand new product for 2020. This Shower Gel has been made for the Winter Months. Not only does the products name fit the vibes of Christmas, but also so does the scent! This product contains, Chestnut Puree, Almond Essemtial Oil, Cassia Oil, Clary Sage Oil, and, Cedarwood Oil. As this product contains the ingredients listed, it gives the product, a sort of sweet yet spicy sort of Marzipan or Christmas Cake scent. I realise that what I just said barely makes sense, but if you imagine a Christmas Cake cooling on the side mixed with some nuts toasted and some wood that has just been chopped, blended it all up and then put in a bottle then you would get what this Shower Gel smells like. If you have tried Cinders from a few years ago at Lush, then you will adore this as it is slightly like that but more mature. I absolutely adore this product and I hope that it's back next year. If not, I may have to stock up as it's a great sort of scent that Lush don't do in other products that often anymore. 

Yog Nog 

Yog Nog is back and I can't be happier! If you haven't tried Yog Nog before, then imagine a caramel custard like scent with a touch of spice but in superb Shower Gel form and you will have Yog Nog. I love this when it comes out every year in it's many forms as I just love how the Clove Bud Oil that is in this product just takes over your skin and makes you smell like the beginning of the Holiday season. Apparently, the formula of the Shower Gel for 2020 has changed, I haven't tried it yet, but if you have then let me know down below! 

Snow Fairy 

Halleloo, they're back for 2020! This scent is a cult classic at Lush for Christmas. This is the Marmite of Lush, people either love it, or, loathe it. The best way to describe the scent of this product is if you combine the scents of Candy Floss and Pear Drops into one homogenous Shower Gel, then you will have Snow Fairy. I don't mind the scent every now and again, but it's not one that I have to have all the time, unlike other people that I know, who stock up on Snow Fairy every Christmas to use throughout the following year. 

Shower Bombs: 

Rudolph Nose 

We all need a good Shower before we go outside, especially if you're going out to help guide someone whilst they're riding a sleigh... If you haven't heard or used a Shower Bomb before, then think of it as a mini sort of solid Shower Foam. The best way to use this, is to put a little water from the shower head onto the product which will then create foam for you to use on yourself in the Shower. This product contains, Cedarwood, Ho Wood, Sicilian Lemon and Almond Essential Oils. The mixture of these four Oils help to give the product a sort of an intense woodsy yet uplifting sweet Almond scent. If you love anything that has a deep scent to it or anything that smells of Almond then you will adore this. I liked this last year, but my only problem with Shower Bombs, is that they are delicate when getting from the store, to home and can crumble during the journey. 

Sugar Plum 

This product is a brand new one for 2020. This product contains, Sicilian Red Mandarin Oil, Aniseed Oil, Tagetes Oil, Osmanthus Absolute and Fresh Plum Juice. This has a slightly citrus yet slightly floral scent to it. Honestly, I was expecting this to smell like Plum Rain, so I was a bit disappointed when I got it home and realised it wasn't. I am intrigued on how it performs in the shower though. 

Shower Jellies: 

Santa's Belly 

Watch Santa's Belly wibble wobble whilst you're in the shower! This Shower Jelly looks adorable and smells sensational. This Jelly contains, Fresh Apple Juice, Orange Flower Absolute, Rose Absolute, and, Neroli Oil. These ingredients together, give the product a sort of crisp floral Apple scent. I love using this in the Winter time as it just makes me feel refreshed every time I use it. 



I would definitely put this product in anyones stocking this year. Everyone needs a scrub during the cold months, as we all need to make sure that our skin doesn't become chapped or dry. This scrub definitely packs a punch when it comes to both the texture and scent of this product. This product contains, Tangerine Oil, Fresh Orange Peel, Fresh Orange Juice, Red Mandarin Oil and Bergamot Oil. This gives a product a punchy citrus scent which reminds me of a well known Orange fizzy drink that is available in other flavours such as Lemon, and, Fruit Twist. There is also Fine Sea Salt in this which gives an intense cleanse to the skin. 

Body Conditioners:

Snow Fairy 

I have reviewed this last year, so if you want to check that out. This product smells like Pear Drops mixed with Candy Floss and contains a lot of butters and oils to ensure that the skin stays soft and supple for when the colder months wreak havoc on our skin. 

Naked Snow Fairy 

This is the same as the above, but is available in a handy portable solid version. It contains the same scent and butters to ensure that the skin stays soft. 

Body Lotions: 

Once Upon A Time 

This lotion is a great one for Winter. This product contains, Apple Infusion, Jojoba Oil and Almond Oil which gives the product a slightly floral yet light Apple scent and keeps the body super duper soft. I'm not the biggest fan of this product scent wise but I do like to use it every now and again. 

Naked Once Upon A Time 

This is the same product as above but in a portable solid version that you can take with you anywhere. 

Body Milks: 

Yog Nog 

This is an amazing product that has been brought out for the first time this year. It contains the gorgeous sweet yet comforting scent of Yog Nog, which I've mentioned earlier in the post, but with amazing nourishing properties from ingredients such as Almond Oil. I tried this earlier in the week, and it sinks into the skin quite quickly. I could also smell it on top of the fragrance that I had sprayed earlier in the day and I could still smell it when I went to bed that night. 

Dusting Powders: 

Fairy Dust 

Fairy Dust has been gone for a few years, but its back in full form for 2020. If you love the scent of Snow Fairy but want it in a sort of Talc format then you will adore this. I think that its a great product for when skin starts to chafe on those frosty Winter mornings. I do like the idea of Dusting Powders but I have found them to be troublesome when I've used them in the past. 

That's all the Body products of the new Lush Christmas 2020 range. Have you tried any? Let me know down below! 

Check out my previous post about the Bath section of the new Lush Christmas 2020 Range. 

Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

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