Thursday 15 October 2020

Terry's Chocolate Orange White Review

Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! I recently popped into my local Morrisons and found the new Terry's Chocolate Orange White, so I thought that it was worth giving it a review and telling you all what I thought about it. 

Just before I properly review the blog post, there's a little story that I need to tell you. I heard about this product coming out via other food bloggers. I was very intrigued as I know that this product has been out before, but I don't remember them. Luke, my brother, had tried them before and loved them as he loves White Chocolate and Orange flavoured products. With the pandemic being a thing, it is hard to pop out just for a food item to review, so I decided to check the supermarket (Morrisons) as I had heard that it would be available there when I was doing a medium sized shop. I checked for weeks and weeks... Nothing. I honestly thought that these spherical shaped sweet products were rarer to find than an Unicorn. Then, as I was going in before my face to face Masters Induction, I saw a big sparkly white light. It was the product that was rarer than any other product in the land. It was the Terry's Chocolate Orange White. I  snapped them up, took them home, gave one to my brother and my mum and decided to have some with Mean Girls and review it at the same time. 

A square white box with Terrys in black cursive font and chocolate in black bold font and orange in orange bold font with a circle in the middle of the box where there is a spherical white chocolate ball that resembles an orange via having semicircular segments in a bright orange wrapper with white underneath this on the box in small white font on in front of a row of bright purple rectangular pouches on a light brown rectangular shelf on a bright background

The description is quite vague, It just says, 'Made with real orange oil, Suitable For Vegetarians.' - Morrisons. 

The texture of the chocolate. was average. I'm one of those people who likes to chill their Chocolate products to get a sort of crisper texture. I think that the crispness of the Chocolate, post chilling, makes for a greater experience with the Chocolate Orange. Not only, do you get to hear a more pronounced snap when you bite into the product, but you also get to have a bit more fun trying to 'tap it' instead of 'whacking it'. If you remember the adverts and slogan, then you will grasp what I am getting at. I also find it very gratifying when I am finally able to get into a Terry's Chocolate Orange post doing the above. 

The main feature of this post, is reviewing the taste of this product, which is what I will focus on within this paragraph. When I bit into the White Chocolate Orange, my tastebuds were hit with a wave of sharp and seductive Orange. After a few moments of the Orange blasting onto my tongue, I was slowly hit with a tumbling tidal wave of White Chocolate. I'm not the biggest fan of White Chocolate normally, because, I find it too sickly and strong. However, this wasn't the case for this product. The White Chocolate added a bit of creaminess to the Orange, instead of taking over the taste of Orange. It was more a Terry's Chocolate Orange with White Chocolate, rather than a White Chocolate Terry's Chocolate Orange. 

Would I buy it again? I think that I would. I'm not the biggest fan of White Chocolate, but this has changed me. I really like this product and I think that I would get it again and again. I would probably get it for either gifts towards the festive period, or, get it as something to enjoy as a treat with a film or two. 

Have you tried the Terry's Chocolate Orange White? Let me know down below! 

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  1. Ultra detailed review. Such a relief to see people being willing to post comprehensively rather than just brief pointless comments. Mint review next?