Friday 4 September 2020

A Little Celebratory Socially Distanced Photoshoot

 Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new blog post. I thought that I would change stuff up and talk a bit about what has been going in my life lately and talk about a little phptpshoot that I did to celebrate finishing a Undergraduate Degree at University. 

As I have just mentioned, I recently finished a Degree at Leeds Beckett University. 2020 has definitely challenged me in every way possible and I'm pretty proud of myself that I was able to finish a three year University course which included writing a ten thousand word dissertation during a worldwide pandemic. 

My dissertation was about the representation of visually impaired people within the film and television industry and how basing a character on three main tropes can make society perceive an image of the visually impaired community which isn't completely true and how these industries forget to actually include real visually impaired people or their real life stories, compared to things such as blogs and YouTube videos which do. 

At the beginning of this year, I was figuring out whether I wanted to stay in Leeds for another year and if I wanted to carry on with my student story via enrolling in a Masters Degree, as I think that we need to discuss how the representation of disabled and LGBTQIAP+ people within the media needs to be changed to showcase a more true representation of the marginalised groups. I also think that the media needs to showcase some form of good representation of invisible disabilities as well as visible disabilities as I  still think that the world isn't as educated on invisible disabilities as much as we should be and seeing a true representation of them within the media would help us to be more educated on the matter. I have decided to not stay in Leeds for another year due to how the lockdown this year has affected me mentally and I believe that I need to prioritise my mental health more than anything else this year. Even though I am not living in Leeds for another year, I have decided to pursue a Masters Degree within Media and Culture. 

To celebrate graduating, as graduations have been postponed during 2020, I decided to have a mini socially distanced adventure whilst I was in Leeds. This included a great meal at Blue Sakura. If you haven't checked out my post about Blue Sakura, then click here. I love eating Japanese food and getting to eat it to my hearts content at Blue Sakura is forever a beautiful blessing. Once I had filled my boots with food, I went to a little photoshoot within a park that is located in Leeds City Centre to take some photos as I liked the way that I looked and I wanted to show the world via social media that I had graduated University. 

Here is one of the photos from the photoshoot. Thanks to Alex that took these at a 2 metre distance. 

A photo of a person with dark brown and light pink hair wearing rectangular silver glasses with a blue face covering with a red tongue and some white teeth poking out wearing a pink and white checked short sleeved shirt, some dark blue with hints of black jeans with a light grey blazer with some pink and green trees in the background on a bright background

The mask is from RedBubble. The Shirt is from Jacamo, which I have included in a blog post before, which I will link here. The Jeans are from Primark. The Jacket is from Next and the shoes that I absolutely adore are from Boohoo. 

I love this slightly smart, slightly casual look and I love the hint of shimmer from the shoes. I also love the Blazer/Jacket and honestly, I need to invest in a couple more as they just jazz up an outfit when you want the outfit to feel that little bit more special. 

Have you been to Blue Sakura? Do you like the outfit? Let me know down below.

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Thanks for reading! 

Jamie x

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