Sunday 13 September 2020

Lush Halloween 2020 Range

 Hey everyone! 

Welcome to a brand new blog post! Lush recently released their Halloween range for 2020. I thought that today, I would talk to you all about the new range and the products that are included in this years Halloween range. 

Lush have decided that, after a rollercoaster of a year, they would only release treats for this Halloween range, thus removing the chance of any tricks happening as we have had enough tricks for a lifetime this year. I decided to pick up three products from this years range which I will talk about below. Even though, I haven't bought the rest of the range, I thought that it would be best to still include the other products in the range within this blog post, so if you like the sound of any of them, you can go and try them for yourselves. 

A tall cylindrical plastic bottle filled with neon yellow liquid with a cylindrical short black lid with a black label that says very very frightening shower gel in white font with lush in small white font next to a bat shaped purple sparkly bath bomb next to a cylindrical short glass tub filled with red and green scrub with a green label that says toffee apple lip scrub lush in white font on a white blacket with blue palm trees all over on a bright background

For 2020, Lush have released a plethora of spooky special treats. If you are a big fan of the slightly spicy Lord of Misrule, that includes Patchouli, Black Pepper and Vanilla, then you will look no further this Halloween. Lush have released their well known Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb which goes from green to red within the waters. This bomb also contains Popping Candy which creates a cool comforting feeling in the bath. Lush have also released their Boo! Shower Slime which has had an update in consistency and scent. This superb shower slime now has the same scent as the Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb and contains Coconut Shell which gives a slightly scrubby feeling to the product. 

If you love anything that is animal themed, then you will love the Bewitched Bubble Bar which is returning this year at Lush. This Bubble Bar is shaped like a beautiful black Cat. If you love anything that has a fruity kick to it, then you will love this product as it contains, Olibanum and Bergamot, which give off a Blackberry scent to the product. If you have tried the new Abracadabra Bubble Stick or Sultana Of Soap from Lush then you will love this bar! 

What's Halloween without a few Monsters? Lush have brought back their marvellous little Monster in the form of Monsters Ball Bath Bomb. Not only is this product cute, but it smells amazing too. This Bath Bomb contains Lime, Neroli and Olibanum which gives off a sort of creamy citrus scent. If you have melt Calacas from Lush then you will love this. I have always adored this product as it reminds me of Mike from Monsters Inc! If you're a fan of citrus scents, then the soap from this years Halloween range is definitely for you! Ghost In The Dark contains Bergamot and Lemongrass which gives off a slightly grassy citrus kick when you use the soap. It also glows in the dark which makes even more amazing in my eyes. 

Finally Punk's not dead at Lush, as they have brought back their Punkin Pumpkin Bath Bomb this year. This product contains, Cinnamon Leaf, Lime, Sweet Wild Orange and Sicilian Red Mandarin. This product has a slightly uplifting but mainly spicy scent to it which is perfect in the slightly colder times that will be approaching us soon in the UK. 

I decided to pick up a Bat Art, a bottle of Very Very Frightening and a tub of Toffee Apple Lip Scrub mainly because they are new things from Lush that are in the new range that I haven't tried before. 

The first product that I decided to get was Bat Art. Honestly, the design of this product was enough to make me buy it. Halloween is normally associated with Bats and after a year of Bats having some nasty connotations, I'm glad that Lush are making them spooky and cute again and not a symbol of a world wide pandemic. The slightly dark purple colour of the product is so enticing, and well I love anything that is coated in glitter. Glitter makes everything better! This product creates a mixture of swirling Purples in the water. The product also creates a lake of silver shimmer in the waters which I absolutely adore. I loved just staring at this one whilst in the bath. The scent of this Bath Bomb is very interesting. It contains, Green Mandarin, Sicilian Lemon, Rosemary and Sage. These four ingredients together create a sort of herbal Blackcurrant scent that I absolutely love. It reminds me of sort of hot Blackcurrant you sometimes have in the colder weathers to ensure that you don't end up sick. I just love how the herbs work well together with the sweetness of the Blackcurrant. If you have ever smelt the Junk range from Lush, imagine that scent in a Bath Bomb. 

The next product that I got is the brand new Very Very Frightening Shower Gel. I bought this in the 240g bottle size. Whenever I see or type out this product name, I just want to start singing Bohemian Rhapsody. This product looks so cool just from the bottle as it has a neon Yellow colour to it. If you have tried the Space Girl Bath Bomb that Lush did many moons ago, then imagine that scent but in a Shower Gel format. If you haven't then, this product contains, Plantain Extract, Fine Sea Salt, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Almond Essential Oil and Lemon Juice. Imagine a sort of zingy take on a handful of Parma Violet sweets been crushed into a big jug of Blackcurrant Juice. When I used this, the first note that I got was the uplifting Lemon but when I applied water and lathered it on my hands and body, I got a big hit of the sort of the fruity floral notes which make up the Space Girl scent. The texture of this product is quite intriguing. Its not as thick as a cream, but its also not as thick as a gel per se. When I applied it to myself, the first thing that came into my mind about the texture was Serum. You know the sort of slightly watery but still slightly gel like Serums that you can buy for your skin? This Shower Gel has the same consistency as those. It doesn't foam up and lather loads, but Very Very Frightening does have a good medium sort of lather to it and it doesn't take ages to lather up unlike some other Shower Gels that have been produced by Lush in the past. 

The final product that I decided to grab was the Toffee Apple Lip Scrub. I have a Lip Piercing so I always like to try out new Lip Scrubs from Lush as I love the natural ingredients that are in them, but also I love to see how they work when it comes to using the product near my piercing, as I have tried some in the past that haven't gotten along with it. This product evokes memories of Bonfire Night to me. Cold dark evenings, the sound of fireworks erupting the world around me and the feeling of eating a terrific Toffee Apple whilst the night sky illuminates with a rainbow of colour. This product contains, Caster Sugar, Extra Fine Sea Salt, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Bergamot, Geranium and Sandalwood. I had a problem when trying this out. It wasn't a big problem, it was more to do with the aesthetic of the product. Online, the product looks like it is meant to be half red and half green side by side, whereas the batch that I received seemed to have the red and green on top of each other instead. I kind of got Apples with a hint of Salted Toffee more than Toffee Apple, nevertheless I love the taste of this Scrub and I will use it throughout the Autumn season. I loved what this product did for my lips. There was a good amount of scrubbing power, which ensured that my lips felt cleansed and amazing, but also the oil stopped it from feeling like I had gone over my lips with Sandpaper. Some scrubs that I have used have felt like this before and have actually irritated my lips which has lowered my self confidence in the past. 

I think that I may have to pick up a Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb and maybe some Boo! when I next pop in, as I enjoy the scent more when it's a bit colder. 

Have you tried any of the Lush Halloween 2020 Range? Let me know down below! 

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