Saturday 11 November 2017

Jamie Sowden Is Going Through Some Changes


Welcome to a brand new blog post! 

A large silver Macbook with black keys and a white xcreen on a rectangular light wood table with two white hands on the keys of the laptop with a large green plant in a light brown plant pot on a bright background. 

This shall be a pretty short post but as you can tell via the title, this blog will be going through various changes and as the current blog template hasn't been working out for myself or the blog for a while/ I've decided that it would be best to change it to a simple template until I find one that fits with the blog and myself. 

The latest this change shall be is by the 8th of January. I shall still be uploading content so don't worry about getting your fix of rambly yet great blog posts/ 

I hope that you're having a great week! 

Thanks for reading this blog post! 
Jamie x 

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