Friday 24 November 2017

Five Bloggers To Check Out And Follow | Follow Friday


Welcome to a brand new blog post! I thought that tjat today I would try something different and do a Follow Friday but in a blog post due to being busy most Fridays. I also wanted to showcase some of my favourite bloggers so I thought that I would do the two within one. 

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Katie Cupcake 

Katie is an amazing blogger who focuses on testing beauty products out so you know exactly what is good and what's horrible. She also focuses on her battles with ME and Fibromaylgia Katie's blog is amazing and is a great place to start if you want to learn the ins and outs of knowing about surviving with chronic pain such as Fibromalygia. Click here to read it. 

Jada Quotes

Jada talks about a variety of topics on her blog including living within pain and at the moment her baby progress and how it is to be a citizen of ethnic minority. If you want a blog thats honest and truthful yet with a bit of love then I'd definitely say to check out Jade's blog by clicking here


Faith who is also known as Music & Eyeliner who is known for talking about great music including indie and unsigned artists. She also talks about amazing Beers from time to time and how she gets around the city of Leeds within a powerchair including the good, the bad and ugly (which includes public transport.) If you want to read more of her amazing posts then click here


Lucinda is an amazing person and is the host of the blog The Fashion Fictionary which contains wonderful posts on fashion including her favourite trends and hauls but also contains a lot about food and her love for a good old brunch. Go and check out her blog if you want some delicious content by clicking here

Have you checked out any of these blogs? Let me know down below. 

Thank you for checking out this rambly sharing blog post. I hope you come back next time for a brand new blog post. 

Thanks for reading!
Jamie x

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