Monday 20 November 2017

Slamming The Newspaper To The Floor | Slam Dunk Festival 2018 First Announcement


Welcome to a brand new post! I know that festival season has finished for the year but I thought that I would talk to you guys all about the news of Slam Dunk Festival 2018.

A bright pop art based poster with an animated pattern containing different colours with Slam Dunk in bold white font, Festical in smaller black font in an bright orange banner and different band titles in different sizes of black font in a light grey rectangular box. 

If you love music and festivals then you will understand how it feels to wait for a line-up to drop when it comes to a music festival. Slam Dunk finally dropped a headliner and a few other bands that have decided to perform at the infamous pop-punk centric festival Slam Dunk Festival 2018.

The first headliner that has been announced is Jimmy Eat World who are an Rock based band from Arizona with nine studio albums. For those who don't really know this amazing band, you may know of Jimmy Eat World via Tayor Swift covering one of their songs, The Middle, via Taylor Swift lip syncing to it within an Apple Music advert.

The other amazing bands that are coming along to Slam Dunk including Taking Back Sunday, Sleeping With Sirens, Four Year Strong, State Champs and Trash Boat so there is something for anyone who loves Alternative Music from those who have only listened to a little bit of the genre all the way to those who live their life by the genre.

Slam Dunk South has also changed it's location for 2018. Slam Dunk South will now take place at Hatfield Park. In previous years, it has been held at the University of Hertfordshire. Hatfield Park is situated directly opposite Hatfield train station. The Slam Dunk South Afterparty will be held at University of Hertfordshire which is also known as Hatfield Forum.

Do you listen to any of the bands mentioned above? Have you been to Slam Dunk Festival before? Let me know down below! 

Check out everything Slam Dunk here.

I hope that you have enjoyed this music based blog post. I hope that you come back next time for another blog post!

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This blog post has been in collaboration with a press release from a PR. All opinions and ramblings are my own. 

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