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Casting A Spell This Summer | Lush Summer 2017 Range


Welcome to a brand new post! Lush have recently brought out a plethora of products for the face, bath, hair and body therefore I thought that it would be a good idea to talk to you guys about the brand new Lush Summer 2017 range.

As you may know, Lush decided to remove a good quantity of their products for many reasons. The main reasons that I know of are that they couldn't afford the ingredients for various reasons or they believe that worldwide its not selling as well as well as it can therefore Lush decided to release a brightening and uplifting Summer range full of gorgeous goodies. Sadly, the Summer range is available in 15 Lush stores. (Don't hold me to that if I'm wrong though.)

Jelly Face Masks 

I know that Jelly Face Masks sound completely unusuak but the best way to think about is the a thicker face mask or a face mask with the texture of a shower jelly. The way to use this innovative product, simply pinch off a piece of the mask and work to a paste between clean, dry hands. Apply to the face and let it work its magic for 5-10 minutes. Wash the mask off with warm water or with a cloth/a flannel. 

The Jelly Face Masks contain Carrageenan Extract in which makes the texture what it is. Carrageenan is an extract from Seaweed which is sustainable via Lush collecting it from waters that are located near their factories within Poole.

Just To Clarify

This product was named apparently due to someone within the Lush Poole Factory who said just to clarify a lot, so in a slightly light hearted joking way, they honoured via naming this face mask after her. As Clarifying means exfoliating and revealing, this product has ingredients in to get deep into the skin such as Bamboo Stem which is a fine exfoliant. Papaya Juice brightens the skin so if your skin is looking a bit dul then I'd check it out.  A staff member demo'd this on me and it did feel weird going onto my hand but it settled and I quite liked it. As I said the Bamboo is more of a fine scrub which gets into the skin without being too full on compared to something that's very gritty like Ocean Salt. The smell reminds me of Chocolate Orange Digestives which sounds odd but if you go into a Lush store and try this out then you might get what I mean.

Bunny Moon

This mask has Honey in which sadly means that this product isn't Vegan friendly but Honey is a great for those who need a little bit of moisture and is also has antiseptic properties. Bunny Moon has Rose Oil in which helps soothe the skin and also gives the mask a slight bit of floral scent to it. It also contains Marigold and Chamomile Infusion which again is an antiseptic but also calms the skin down. Scent wise, Bunny Moon contains Vanilla Absolute which gives the product a soothing smell to it.

1000 Millihelens

1000 Millihelens was inspired by two people. The first woman is the infamous Helen Of Troy who's face launched a thousand ships and Lush Co-founder and Product Developer Helen Ambrosen. This product contains Fresh Apple Juice which helps to brighten the skin due to the enzymes within the juice and Green Tea which helps to tone the skin. It also contains Witch Hazel which helps the skin due to it being antibacterial and Sicilian Lemon and Brazilian Orange Oils which give a good scent to the face mask and again helps to brighten the skin. Due to the toning effects of this face mask, it's great for those who need a product that will help to firm the skin. If you need a firming product for the face then check 1000 Millihelens out!

The Birth Of Venus

The Birth Of Venus will ensure that you feel like you have been born again! This mask contains Fresh Sea Water to tone and refresh the face (which is also used within Lush's Face Toners), Lavender Oil calms the skin and helps to sort the sebum oils in the face, Rose Absolute to soothe and balance the skin and Carrageenan Extract which is within the mask helps the skin to feel extra soft. If you want your face to feel smoother than a Babies Bottom then definitely try this out!


If you don't know what FOMO stands for then let me tell you. FOMO means Fear Of Missing Out therefore the purpose of this face mask is to ensure that you don't miss out on having great skin! This Mask contains Calamine Powder which helps to soften and calm the skin (which is also in Catastrophe Cosmetic), Neroli Oil which evens skin tone and Rose Absoute which helps to balance the skin.

Body Sprays: 

Rose Jam

If you love the Rose Jam Shower Gel at Christmas, Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, Ro's Argan Gourmet Soap or anything Rose from Lush then you will love the new Rose Jam Body Spray. If you haven't smelt Rose Jam before then the best way to describe it is a Zesty Rose scent mainly due to the scent consisting of Rose Oil, Rose Absolute and Sicilian Lemon Oil. It's an amazing scent for the Spring!


If you love the Twilight Bath Bomb, Sleepy or anything that has Lavender in then you will love this body spray. This product contains Lavender & Ylang Ylang Oils and Tonka Absolute. Lavender helps to calm the mind and Tonka Absolute gives a slight sweetness to the scent and reminds me of Malted Hot Chocolate in a way. I think that this is a great product for anyone who loves a sweet scent or Lavender.

Bath Bombs & Jelly Bath Bombs:  

Rocket Science

Y'know when people say 'it's not rocket science!' Well what if it actually is? This bath bomb says that it's actually Rocket Science. This rocket shaped bath bomb contains Sicilian Lemon and Bergamot Oils to create a deep Citrus scent. It contains bits of Electric Blue, Vivid Yellow and Hot Pink to create a mesmeric bath. If you like Yellow Submarine then you might like this.

Cheer Up Buttercup

This Bath Bomb is based on the good old British childhood classic of putting a Buttercup under your chin and if it glows Yellow then you love Butter. I love how Lush are referencing British childhood culture! Uplifting Lemon Myrtle, Lime and Neroli Oils help to cheer you up hence the name. If you like Citrus scents or Avobath then you will love this.

Green Coconut Jelly Bath Bomb

Lush has got a lovely bunch of Coconuts and they want to share them with you in the Bath! A Jelly Bath Bomb sounds strange, I know, but it spreads across the top of the bath and softens as it goes which then in turn helps to soften your body. This Bath Ballistic contains Coconut Cream and Cinnamon Leaf Oil which creates a Summery Beach scent with a bit of an Spicy, Earthy background. If you love Coconut scents then you will love this!

The Big Sleep Jelly Bath Bomb

Again, the jelly rises to the top and disperses itself to melt away to ensure that the bath is softening as it can be. This bath bomb contains Lavender and Neroli Oils, Tonka Absolute and Chamomile Powder which help to soothe the skin and calm the mind. Lavender helps to relax and Chamomile is used in a lot of Sleepytime Tea. This also shares the same scent as Ickle Baby Bot so if you're not keen on the Jelly then you can always get that version of it.

Dark Arts Jelly Bath Bomb

Do you like to dabble in the Dark Arts? Do you like to dream of getting that letter in September to say that you're going to Hogwarts? If so then this one is for you! Tendrils of Black slowly give way to allow Love Potion Pink to the surface within the bath. The Jelly works in the same way above. This contains Almond, Brazilian Orange and Cinnamon Leaf Oils.  If you have ever enjoyed Cinders Bath Bomb at Christmas a couple of years ago then you wil love this as it shares the same scent as Cinders!

Hot Oil Treatments 

The way to use these is to boil some water into a cup and stir the stick with the treatment on the end into the cup until it creates a creamy paste and then applying to the hair and leaving for 20 minutes or so and then rinsing until all of the product is out of your hair. 


Do you want to keep your Blonde Hair as Blonde as it can possibly be? If so then Marilyn Hot Oil Treatment is for you! This contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil which helps the hair, Lemon Juice and Saffron which brighten the hair and a load more incredible ingredients such as Lemon and Chamomile Oil which both do amazing things to the scalp and mind.


As it says, New is for well New Hair! New is about stimulating your hair to create new hair. Sadly, if you're bald then this won't create for you. This amazing stick of loveliness contains Cinnamon Leaf and Clove Bud Oil which helps to stimulate the hair to create new hair and Bay Oil which conditions the hair and at the same time is an antiseptic. The colour of this product is red but it will not dye or stain your hair.

Hair Doctor

The Hair Doctor is here to prescribe you a good dose of what your hair needs! This hot oil treatment helps the scalp as well as the hair. It contains Peppermint Oil which helps to invigorate the hair and helps to sort out anything thats wrong in the scalp. Almond Oil also helps to condition the hair which is what we're all looking for when we want a good hair mask. The mask also contains lots of other gorgeous goodies to help the scalp and hair.


Damaged does what it says on the label! It sorts out damaged skin whether this has happened from bleaching, heat or anything of that sort. This hot oil treatment contains lots of lovely oils to nourish the hair such as Extra Virgin Olive, Almond and Organic Avocade Oils which help strengthen the hair.


Yuge is a Hot Oil Treatment which helps the hair with volume but as Lush like to be cheeky, they've played on the fact that Donald Trump can't say huge properly especially as Trump is against what Lush stands for. This treatment contains things like Sea Salt which give volume and Jojoba Oil which gives hair a good shine. If you like your hair on the huge side then you will want to try this out.



Again, Lush have played on that... Well, that people think that people think Trump is a bit of a derriere and therefore have decided to create a product out if it. This is a product that helps to firm places such as the thigh area therefore it's perfect for those who exercise/get 'chub rub; sometimes. Obviously, this won't stiop any of that or firm it up straight away but instead it will help it. This product contains Aloe Vera Gel and lots of different Butters to ensure that the skin is lovely and smooth with a slight bit more firmness to it.

What's your favourite Lush Summer 2017 product? Let me know down below. 

Don't forget to check out Lush here or go to your local Lush store.

I hope that you've enjoyed this beauty based blog post! I hope that you come back next time for another interesting blog post!

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

All of these pictures are via Lush and they own the right to them. 

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