Wednesday 26 July 2017

Having A Discounted Shopping Experience | McArthur Glen York Designer Outlet


Welcome to another blog post! A couple of weeks ago, myself and Luke decided to go on an adventure to York to visit the McArthur Glen York Designer Outlet and I thought that today I would talk to you guys about what we got up to.

McArthur Glen is known for their designer outlet shopping centres where you can snag an amazing product for a discount of the price that you would find on the high street. They have quite a few stores including York, Nottingham and many more. The stores in the York Outlet include Nike Factory Store, Levi Jeans, M&S Outlet and many more. 

The day started off by getting the train from Bradford to York. Sadly, as Bradford only has one train per hour that goes directly to York, we got a train to Leeds and then we rushed to find a train that went to York. After hectically finding our platform, we were finally on the train.

Myself and Luke headed towards the exit of the Train Station and slowly made our way to the bus stop... Well we did after I realised where the bus stop exactly was which was over the road from the Train Station, After a quick ride, we arrived in the spacious car park of the shopping centre.

We arrived and made our way throught eh entrance doors of the grand shopping centre. We walked down the glamorous path until we stopped at our first destination. Lindt. We walked around the chic store and browsed the shelves that contained an array of wonderful chocolate based products such as Chocolate Bars which contained interesting ingredients such as Lime, Blueberry, Coconut and so forth. We then saw that the Pick and Mix that is in Lindt stores was on offer so me and Luke felt like we deserved to buy some goodies due to this marvellous discount. We filled our bag up with truffles with flavours such as Champagne, Irish Coffee, Almond and Strawberries & Cream. We paid for the bag of chocolates and made our way onto the next store.

Carrying on with the chocolate haul, we ended up at Thorntons which has an Outlet section so instantly that is where we looked. After a good few minutes of perusing, myself and Luke decided to sttick for the 3 for £10 that was available via the stock at the Outlet section of the store, We chose three which included a lovely Summer inspired Collection and we made our way to the next store.

Last stop on our chocolate haul was Cadburys. Three's always a charm, right? We entered the Purple plastered store and wandered around to find some of beloved favourites including one of Lukes which is Fry's Turkish Delight and big bars of Dairy Milk With Crunchie but the best thing that was available via the Cadbury store was a bag of Mis Shapes. Mis Shapes are exactly what they are misshapen chocolates that haven't made it into the boxes on the shelves of your local supermarkets but at £3.50 for a 750g bag, you can't go wrong! We bought a bag for the whole family to enjoy and glided to our next store.

Who does Yankee Candle? Well, myself and Luke do because Yankee Candle were the next stop on our adventure through the York Designer Outlet. We walked around and smelt all of the perfect products and after a while, Luke decided to get a large candle which was £12 whereas normally they're double the price. The candle that he got was inspired by Italian Vineyards.

Myself and Luke then decided that it was time for a spot of lunch therefore we made our way up to the spacious food court and after a while, we decided to get a Subway.

Once we had finished our food and made our way down back to  Vans. If you follow me on Social Media then you will know that I love me some Vans. We entered the store and searched through some of the shoes that were available in mine and Luke's shoe sizes and after a while, I found us both a pair each for £17 which is a bargain for a pair of Vans. I got a pair of Red Floral Vans which I absolutely adore.

We then popped into The Body Shop just to have a little wander around as it is really a shopping experience without at least a bit of beauty product browsing?

Finally, Luke wanted to find some luxury sunglasses so we decided to look in some designer shops such as Hugo Boss, French Connection, Ralph Lauren and a few others but finally Luke found some that he absolutely adored at Sunglasses Hut.

We then decided that it was time to go therefore we headed back into York City Centre and then we got the train back to Bradford.

Have you ever been to a McArthur Glen Outlet or the York Designer Outlet in particular before? Let me know down below! 

I hope that you've enjoyed this post and I hope to see you next time for another blog post!

Thanks for reading!
Jamie x

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