Friday 27 January 2017

When Jamie's Preparing For Sex

Hey, I wrote a sex post last year (tap here if you want to read it) and it did really well with you guys so I thought that it was a good time to write another one, This one is all about me preparing for sex. It might not be that relatable but it's still going to be a rambly yet readable post so I'm sure that you will enjoy it nevertheless.
I tried to find an image via stock images but there was nothing so I had to use pinterest. Don't judge me please.
Pre-warning: This post isn't for everyone's taste and is going to mainly be based on male homosexual sex but it will also making references to heterosexual sex. I will also be referencing partners within this post. It doesn't mean someone that you're in a relationship with. It just means the other person that you're having sex with so that could be your other half or a friends with benefits etc.  Condoms:  This is the main thing that everyone should be doing when it comes to preparing for sex. Having protection is always necessary, If you have some in a makeup bag or a 'pre-sex bag' then it means that you and your partner are prepared. (I always have some in a bag just in case.) It also cuts out the 'who's getting condoms' question that we all ask our partner when it comes to sex. You may not need them when it comes to actual activity but its always good to be prepared! Trimming: Yes, I know that this one might be a bit of a debate but I honestly think that it is a necessary. If you prefer hair down there on whoever you're having fun with then thats up to you but in my opinion I don't really want to be choking on a pube whilst going down on someone. I mean getting choked is a whole other story but I really don't want to have to awkwardly stop everything to ensure that I don't have a coughing fit over a strand of hair. As I said, it's a personal preference at the end of the day.  Lactose:  Look, if you've read my blog for a while then you'll know that me and lactose don't have a great relationship and if you've somehow stumbled onto this post without reading any of my other content whatsoever then hi I'm Jamie and I'm lactose intolerant. Being lactose intolerance comes with certain consequences like stomach discomfort and as homosexual sex sometimes means anal sex this means that I have to prepare a day in advance and avoid lactose. Simply, I don't want to be halfway through doing the sex and then make it awkward by poop coming into the equation. I know that for some (apparently) it's a kink but its a no from me. Cleaning:  I prefer everything to be clean. Why shouldn't everything be clean especially if your penis is going anywhere in me. Why would I want that to be dirty when it comes to sex? I want it to be clean and ready for action simple as. Clothing:  I'm going to leave it at this for my last topic/thing to talk about. I'm going to wear what I want if we're having sex. You're going to take everything off at some point so why should I really make the effort? So I look 'sexy' for you? Fuck off! I'm not going to look less sexy if I wear something that I feel comfortable in compared to something that I look 'hot' in and if I'm going to wear something that I look bangable as fuck in then let me make it clear its for me so I can feel confident about! I also sometimes find hook ups via Grindr and honestly if its 8-9 at night I don't really want to be spending an hour finding a good outfit just to come home after to take it back off. Comment down below with anything that you do before having sex. There you go, there's some things that I take into consideration before having sex. Let me know if this post was any good because honestly I'm always a bit petrified doing sex based posts. I hope that you come back next time for another post. Thanks for reading! Jamie x

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