Monday 2 January 2017

2017's Blogging Goals


Let me start off with saying Happy 2017! I hope that you have recovered from the adventures of New Years celebrations. Today I'm getting into the groove of 2017 by talking about the things that I want to achieve in 2017 on Jamie Sowden.


Let's get the pretentious out of the way. Of course I would love to say that my goal is to get an amazing following overnight and to be 'blogger famous' but that's not how it happens. It definitely doesn't happen within the space of a night so instead I would like to grow my following just a tiny bit (maybe by 500 on Twitter and Instagram or something a bit more realistic. Who knows?)

Rambling About Honest Things: 

Weirdly the last time I wrote about sex, it did really well so I think that a good goal for 2017 is to write more content that is honest. I like writing about slightly taboo topics that need the stigma removing from them so I think 2017 is going to be more about mental health, sex, being gay and things like that. I know that being gay isn't a taboo thing but I think that it could do with a bit more coverage to do with it here on Jamie Sowden.

Try To Not Give A Fuck: 

I know that this sounds a little bit like the last goal but it isn't. I can write about sex but it takes not giving a fuck to actually publish it. I have deleted so many posts because I have overthought them too much so I think that 2017 is going to be more about posting what I want when I want and not feeling like I have to explain why. I feel like I did way too much explaining why in 2016.


I need to start scheduling more just so that I know that the post is getting out to everyone. I hate scheduling sometimes but most blogs schedule so I think I'll schedule for one day then take one day off when it comes to Social Media so I know that I have shared it whilst having a day to relax and to not be obsessed about it all.


This last goal is something that I have been wanting to slowly do more of since I wrote for Leeds Student Magazine for a while and collaborating with Michelle for the last year or so, I have absolutely loved working with others, Although I normally work with brands, I think that I would love to work with bloggers that I love and look up to such as Lucy, Kellie, Olivia, Katie and many others.

Do you have any goals or resolutions for 2017? If you do then I would love to know what they are which you can do by writing them down below!

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this little introductory post to 2017 and I hope that you come back next time for another blog post!

Thanks for reading!
Jamie x

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