Wednesday 4 January 2017

Jamie Spills The Tea | Jeffree Star


I have decided to do a new series called Jamie Spills The Tea where I talk about anything and everything to do with the LGBT+ community and to start off the series I am talking about the infamous Jeffree Star.

Jeffree Star (full name Jeffrey Lynn Steininger) is an American singer-songwriter, make up artist and much much more,.He started his music career via MySpace like such stars as Lily Allen. They then later released their debut album 'Beauty Killer' in 2009. Jeffree is also known for their fashion line 'Beauty Forever', his persona and YouTube channel. 

The whole point of this series is to give my opinions of the people that are within these posts but tio also educate you all slightly with people. I thought that I would start off with Jeffree because everyone knows them. I am probably going to be sticking to their/they pronouns throughout most of this series

I think that Jeffree has had their moments of bad press such as the whole Kat Von D feud but I do think that we all have our flaws and sometimes they are documented and showcased to the press quite vividly but all in all I personally think that Jeffree is a good person.

Jeffree has made a name for themselves via their makeup line which has been ripped off the shelves of Sephora stores and has been shoved into everyone's handbags/smeared on a lot of people worldwide. Going from a little flat to a villa within such a short amount of time screams a good business and it shows via the amount of passion that they put into their products.

I also think that they will still be growing more and more within five years from their booming makeup brand but also via their YouTube especially when you look at the stats of their videos. The fact that everyone is obsessed on trying to get the latest makeup trend helps what I said as Jeffree always kills it on the trends side of things. The collaborations that they keep publishing with Drag Race stars also supports my statement.

What's your opinion of Jeffree Star? Do you like a particular makeup product of theirs that you adore? Let me know down below!

This has been my first Jamie Spills The Tea post. I hope that you have enjoyed this post and I hope that you come back for more in this season. If you want to see a particular person who is a part of the LGBT+ community within this series then let me know down below.

Thanks for reading!
Jamie x

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