Friday 20 January 2017

My Lush Goals 2017


I thought that today I would talk to you guys all about my Lush goals that I would love to achieve in 2017. I doubt I will achieve any but its always good to tell others then they're not completely wasted within the abyss of my mind.

I've been busy with uni interviews and personal things so I'll change this to ensure its the picture that Lush PR kindly send me. 

 Meet/Collab With All Things Lush:

I have been a massive fan of Jen who runs All Things Lush UK for a good couple of years now and I think that she is an amazing and confident person so I would love to just meet her and talk all things Lush based. I admire her in so many ways and I can't thank her enough for her posts as they have saved me when I've needed a ingredient list of a product tha isn't on the Lush website anymore. I also am quite jealous of her Lush collection but at the same time I'm glad that I don't have the same amount of products as her as I think I'd have to convert a room into a Lush storage unit!

Visit The Lush Factory:

Yes, this can be possible but it's normally for bloggers and YouTubers with a big following and sadly I don't think that I will ever have a big enough following to be invited to visit the factories so I think that this one of the goals that I will just have to dream about. I would love to spend the day learning about the process of producing mass amounts of products and being in the motherhood of Lush, One day maybe...

Purchase More From The Kitchen:

Hi, my name is Jamie and I've only bought something from Lush Kitchen once. I am a Lushie and I know that I should be all about Lush Kitchen and I am but as a student I just don't have the funds to be purchasing stuff on a weekly basis or whenever unless I already know that I like the products on the menu as I'm a bit anxious of paying for something that I might like or might not like but I think this might have to change as I have being loving everything on the kitchen within the last year. (The produict that I did buy was the Celebrate Solid Perfume.)

Attend The Lush Creative Showcase:

The wonderful guys at Lush Kitchen invited me to come down to the Creative Showcase but sadly I couldn't due to trains costing just over £60 and having the last megabus breaking down on me has put me off them for a good while unless very necessary but I definitely want to go as I saw what this years CS was like and I was sad that I missed out on it all. As it is based in London, it means if I can go to the showcase, I can bulk up on some exclusives from Oxford Street.

Create More Lush Posts:

This is one I can try and stick to but I'm not fully sure. I love writing and creating Lush posts but as my blog is just Lush based it means that I don't really talk about Lush on a consistent basis but I think that I want to try and achieve that a bit more even if its only doing that once or twice a month. I'm sure I can try and stick to that.

Do you have any Lush based goals that you'd like me to try and achieve? Let me know down below!

I hope that you come back for another post. Whilst you're waiting, there is loads of Lush posts scattered all over my blog so try and find them and read them?

Thanks for reading!
Jamie x

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