Saturday 13 August 2016

Strutting The Stuff Locally | Joe Browns A/W16 Launch With Michelle


I got invited to a bloggers event hosted by the wonderful guys over at Joe Browns and I thought that I would tell you guys all about it. I brought Michelle along so all of the images that are featured in this post were all shot by Michelle. She also has a website where all of her photos (blogger events and non blogger events) are all stored, click here to go have a look!

We ended up in Leeds a tad bit too early like usual so we (myself, Luke and Michelle) ended up mooching around Leeds city centre which meant entering all the usual shops such as Lush (where I picked up some new shaving cream which I may review soon), The Body Shop (where I found out and played with the new face mask range that is coming out soon) and many other places.

We arrived at the Joe Browns HQ after an adventurous Uber trip and made our way through to the foyer of the warehouse. We said hi to the male staff member who greeted us at the door. We made our way up the stairs to the rest of the warehouse and was handed a glass of Prosecco. (A good night always starts with Prosecco, right?) Myself, Michelle and Luke then all said hi to Emily who invited us to the amazing event.

I popped Luke down for a minute and perused all of the clothes that were on show. I started with the male section because well I wanted to see how much of the range I would want and I was pleased as I wanted it all! I instantly saw a checked thick shirt which grabbed my attention because it looked amazing and also because a good chunk of my wardrobe is checked thick shirts. I also loved a shirt that was on display which had leaves printed all over it. It screamed AW because leaves are a good representation of Autumn. In addition to the shirts, I loved a sort of military inspired coat which looked great for when the weather gets cold!

I then wandered onto the shoes and they all looked amazing! I loved how they all looked quite versatile as shoes. I loved the pair that had a couple of designs going on them via having a bow and then a pop of red on the inside. They looked very Autumnal. I also loved the massive boots as they looked like they would come in quite handy! They do some amazing brogues and male shoes as well!

After a good look at all of the footwear, I moseyed onto the wonderful dresses that Joe Browns had on offer at the event. One of the items that were on the racks was a dress that had foxes printed all over which I feel is quite quintessentially British as foxes are associated with rummaging around within the Autumn nights! There were also a lovely dress which had a great floral print all over it. It might not seem very Autumn/Winter-y but it will brighten up those dark days!

We then went on a tour of the warehouse and found a few little quirky rooms. We all kept wandering and ended up in the studio where all the pictures get taken for things such as the website. Michelle loved it as she loves studios! We then ended up in a room and watched a short video about the Quirky Pair's where the public could try and find £1000 of Joe Browns vouchers in Leeds City Centre (sadly it will have been and gone by the time this post goes up/hopefully it will be going on when this post is published!)

Myself, Luke and Michelle wandered around a bit more and ended up on beanbags and many other things. We went back to where the clothes were, had a bit more of a natter and just had fun. Myself and Michelle also found spacehoppers because why the hell not. We then found Emily and said thank you and goodbye and headed back to the train station!

Have you loved the look of any of the clothes that have been featured in this post? Let me know down below in the comments section!

Thanks to Emily and the staff at Joe Browns for putting on an awesome event! Thanks to Michelle for coming along, taking a good few photos and for being an awesome person! I hope that you check out Joe Browns as they sell amazing clothes! I hope that you've enjoyed this blog post and I hope that you come back and read the next post!

Jamie x

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