Wednesday 17 August 2016

Creating The Stereotypical English Summer Look | British Summer Inspired Jacamo Haul


A while ago, Luke went into Jacamo and bought some clothes and I decided that I would finally have a look on Jacamo's website (the store that we went to was quite small so I thought it would be best to look online) and I decided to buy some clothes! I've always been a bit on the larger size so when I realised how many sizes Jacamo went up to, I was really thrilled! 

Myself and Michelle spent the day within Bradford taking shots of clothes for this post. We had such a fun day. Michelle took funny yet amazing shots of myself, we had fun window shopping and even saw two drunk people using inflatable toys in a little fountain. It was amazing!

The first thing that I bought from Jacamo was a plus sized mens hoodie. I don't have a lot of hoodies so I thought that it would be best to get one as I know that the British term for Summer generally means one day of sun and a months worth of rain. I got one which is basically a black hoodie with a zip detailing and two pockets. It fits the bill and is super comfy and for once it actually fits me without feeling a bit too snug. (I'll try and link everything in case you want to buy.) (This hoodie is priced at £20.)

I then decided to purchase a turtle shirt because well why not? I saw it whilst searching for shirts on the website and instantly fell in love. I love shirts, I love prints and I love turtles so I instantly love this shirt. I mean it was also a great time to purchase the shirt because Finding Dory has just came out so I'm guessing turtle print will be everywhere! I would definitely wear this on a night out! It was £20 which is great if you wear it a few times. I would wear this with a muted outfit so maybe some dark jeans and the hoodie or just the jeans so it can still speak but not clash with anything. The only problem that I do have is that the material is quite thin but otherwise its a great shirt! This shirt is £22.

I found thick checked shirts and I love thick checked shirts so I bought a thick checked shirt! Thick checked shirts are a great wardrobe staple as you can wear them draped over a tshirt to wear as instead of a jacket for when the weathers a bit nippy or you can wear on its own to give a smart casual look/lumberjack look. It's just a great piece to have in your wardrobe! This was £20 which is a great price for something so versatile!

If you have read the blog for a while then you will know that I love anything that is floral so I had to get something with a floral twist! (I think that anyone can never have too much floral clothing!) This floral top doesn't have bright colours such as reds and yellows but plays it subtle by being mainly black and blue which means you can wear it and not feel like youre the only one standing out. It also means that you can make floral a bit darker just like the nights within September. This top also has a pocket which is always great for convenience. This t-shirt was £16

Pink isn't just for Wednesdays, yknow?! I got this pink checked shirt because well you can never have too much pink and it is in right now for the summer as pink is a quite bright colour. I think this shirt would be great for something like a picnic or a BBQ due to the gingham check print on the shirt as it just screams quintessentially British to me. I love wearing this shirt on the one day out of the whole Summer when its warm! It is £18 on the site.  

Do you like any of the products that I bought from Jacamo? Let me know down below!

Thank you so much to Michelle for taking all of the photos that are featured within the post. Click on her name to see the rest of the shoot and click here to go to her website! Thanks for reading this post, I hope that you come back to read the next post and let me know if you would like me to do more fashion/haul posts within the future!

Jamie x 

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