Monday 15 August 2016

Becoming Red Raw | My Experiences With FaceTox


I was sent a box of FaceTox and I thought I would tell you all what happened with the product. It's going to a bit of a lengthy post so I'd probably make a drink before reading.

The wonderful guys over at FaceTox sent me a 7 day package. I decided that I was going to put it aside and use it in the buildup of going to the Joe Browns event as I wanted my skin to look great. (If you want to see what I got up to at the event then click here to read that post.)

It came round to the week commencing when I was going to use the face mask so I read the instructions and made up the face mask. In the box, you get a bowl, a spatula and enough of the two sachets to make up the face mask. I mixed the face mask up, applied it and left it on for the time that it said on the box. After this time, it had set on my face. It kind of felt like concrete but thats how it was meant to feel. I washed it off which took a while. After washing the mask off, my face felt wonderful.

On Day 2, I did the exact same things as the above and my face felt wonderful yet again. It felt fresh, clean and Facetox did everything that it said on the box such as getting rid of acne and making pores unclogged. My face felt cleansed and felt like it could breathe for the first time in ages. I was expecting great things for the rest of the week whilst using Facetox.

Day 3 arrived and this is when everything went downhill. I applied it like usual and left it on for the normal amount of time but there was more tingling that usual (it tingled quite a bit on the other two days so I didn't take much notice.) I washed it off and my face stung quite a bit. I read the FAQ's and they said that it might be red for a little amount of time but it should go away. I applied moisturisers and left it overnight and it was still stinging quite a bit and was red raw. I applied more and went to the Joe Browns event feeling a little bit unconfident but with Michelle cheering me on I didn't feel too bad.

I kept applying a good few moisturisers and washed daily with a Tea Tree wash as Tea Tree is antibacterial so it would sort itself out quickly. It took a week to completely calm down and heal. FaceTox said it was meant to be for sensitive skin which I thought meant that nothing weird or bad would happen with my skin.

If you do use FaceTox then I'd just be a tad bit careful and make sure that your skin is being okay with it. Sadly I can't really say go and buy it as it made my skin red raw for a while and has put me off recommending it to anyone that I know.

Have you had any bad skin experiences? Let me know!

I hope that you haven't minded this little ramble and that you come back next time to read the next post!

Jamie x

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