Monday 8 August 2016

House Of Fraser Knitwear Wishlist


I know that it is early days but I thought that I would do a post all about early Autumnal clothing in the form of knitwear so here's some jumpers/cardigans that I've been lusting over before the chilly days and Pumpkin Spiced Latte's kick in...

The first clothing item that I am loving is this little number from Howick Sanford. I love it as I screams 'I want my pink jumper back!' I love that it has all the elements of an Fall inspired sweater with a nice bright twist! This cable knit sweater is a great clothing piece that can be layered over a nice white shirt to give a cute yet smart look.

Orange Is The New Black! This Orange Crew Neck Cable Jumper from Polo Ralph Lauren seems like it might have came straight from the inside of Litchfield but also looks like a great jumper to start the Autumn season off with as it slightly matches the fiery looking leaves that are turning brown. I would pair it with a dark brown sort of outfit so the jumper can speak for itself but also have that Autumn feel to it. I'd also get it in a size bigger than what you normally get just so you can have that baggy jumper experience for the Fall.

Polo Ralph Lauren Crew Neck Cable Jumper

The next knitwear piece is one by TM Lewin. It's a Blue Plain Crew Neck Pull Over Jumper. I just love the colour and texture of this jumper and I could definitely see myself wearing this a lot during the colder months of the year! I think that it would work really well paired with either grey or anything pale. I think it could work with other hues of blue depending on the shades of the other blues.

TM Lewin Plain Crew Neck Pull Over Jumpers

The penultimate choice is this lovely item from Ted Baker. It's a lovely Space Dye Jumper! I love the inspiration from the Space Dye trend within this jumper and looks like it would go with almost anything! I'd definitely pair with a good pair of dark
skinny jeans!

Ted Baker Nico Space dye jumper

*drum roll* The last knitwear item that I am lusting over is this beige cardigan from Marc O'Polo. This one is a lot steeper price wise compared to the others but it looks amazing. I love all of the detailing from the shawl neck collar all the way to the buttoning on this cardigan. Beige means that you can show everyone that black isn't the only colour in your wardrobe! I love how you could wear this instead of a coat for when its still a bit warm but a tad bit cold!

Marc O'Polo Cardigan

Have you liked any of the cardigans mentioned in this post? Let me know down below!

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and I hope that you come back and read the next one!

Jamie x

This post was in collaboration with House Of Fraser. All views, opinions and ramblings are my own and I have chosen five knitwear items that I personally love.

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