Friday 15 April 2016

Shoes, Shirts & Boxer Briefs! | Latest Wishlist


Today, I thought that I would do a little wishlist post. If you're like me and you end up procrastinating in any way shape or form then you will understand why I've been window shopping so much lately as I end up procrastinating a bit when it comes up to things such as exams and such so I thought I would share with you what I have been lusting over at the minute...

The first thing that I have been lusting over at the minute are Oliver Sweeney shoes. Yes, I know that sounds a bit strange but they are so amazing aesthetically and they are a little bit out of my price range so I've had to just lust over them... It also doesn't help that I finally got a chance to check out their new VQ Leeds store which has been refurbished. The store is amazing but it makes you want all of the products within the store as soon as you step in as its just that magnificent. A pair that I have been loving at the minute are Kelfield Tan Brogue Boot. I love these as you can wear them with smart clothes such as a suit depending on the colour, you can wear them with a tshirt and jeans combo and if you can wear them with the two suggestions then you can wear them with anything which makes them so versatile! If you want to see more about Oliver Sweeney then click on their name to go straight to their website.

The next thing that I have been wanting is floral. I already have some floral but whilst I was out the other day within Leeds, I popped into H&M, There is also one closer to where I live but I only check that branch out if I'm near it. I saw an amazing floral top and a shirt to add to my collection. I just think that floral prints are amazing! They also shout that it's Spring to the world!

H&M Floral Shirt

The next place that I have found stuff that I have loved on the internet is Burton. Burton have a sale on at the moment. I also get student discount on top which makes it very hard to resist but sadly everything costs nowadays and I know that my money can be spent on things that I need and nowant. Although, I do love a good shirt and Burton do some amazing shirts like this pink one. I do love a good pink shirt for Wednesdays! Click here for the link to the pink shirt that I am in love with at the minute. (I did find one that I loved that was on the sale but it has sold out so I have found another one that I adore!)

The one that I had found on the sale before writing had sold out so have this one instead. 

I have two places left that I have been loving the look of at the minute and the first one is Drake & Hutch. You may of or may not of heard of this brand before. They are mainly a male underwear and tshirt company. Now, we all need good looking underwear within our lives and I love the look of their new range but especially this black dotted one and this stripy navy one which shows that its spring,. I know that it might look a bit naval but stripes and patterns show that its time to experiment! Click here to go to their site!

The last thing that I have lusted over isn't a piece of clothing but is more something from the cosmetics section of the world. It is the Tom Ford fragrances. I have heard so much about these so I thought that I would pop into my nearest Debenhams and sprayed a little onto my wrist and within a few seconds I realised why this was the rage and fell head over heels in love with it instantly. I have been loving the Velvet Orchid at the minute and also love the smell of Black Noir. It's just so amazingly aromatic! I thought that it would be best to just link to Debenhams where you can check out all of the fragrances and lust over your favourite one!

Have you been lusting over anything at the moment? Have you checked any of the brands mentioned? Have you checked out the new Oliver Sweeney store within Victoria Quarter Leeds? If so then let me know down below in the comments section!

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my lust list! I know that its a bit different but its the best way for me to not stress out about my exams. I hope that you've enjoyed reading about what I have been lusting over and I hope that you read my next post!

Jamie x

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