Tuesday 5 April 2016

Escaping The World For Some Cocktails | #TheEpernayEscape | Epernay Leeds Menu & Cocktail Bloggers Event


If you have been reading this blog for a while, you will know that I love a good cocktail! So, when Epernay Leeds invited me to #TheEpernayEscape where there would be cocktails on offer to try then i had to say yes!

Myself, Michelle and Luke arrived within Leeds a tad bit too early as I finished doing coursework early. After an accident with my laptop happened (sadly), we decided to go into Lush as well myself and Michelle are big advocates of Lush. I ended up getting samples of D'Fluff and Karma Kream.(If you want to see the review for those products then click here,)

We strolled to the venue and arrived a tiny bit early so we used that time to have a natter and to find Epernay as it is within a little section called Electric Press which contains a whole host of amazing places including Epernay and Revolution.

We entered the grand venue and met Jenna who had invited us to the event. We had a little conversation, grabbed a glass of Champagne and made our way to the bar. I know this sounds so weird but the bar felt that elegant that I felt a bit like James Bond... A few more bloggers came including Lucinda and Carolanne. We said hi and had a little natter and then Jenna told us a tiny bit about Epernay as I think a good few of us at the event had never been there before which I'm not sure why as it is an amazing venue and a lot of their drinks sound absolutely amazing!

We then had a little talk from the manager of Epernay Leeds who told us what was going to happen throughout the night and to share pictures on social media throughout the night which was possible but my phone has a tendency of dying when I need it to work at the minute so it was a case of using Lukes for the majority of the night and sharing via his account!

After the little chat, the head barman introduced himself and talked to us about how the Summer menu was well more uplifting and Summer like. He began the tasting via creating a cute little cocktail called Blue Grass Smash, This cocktail includes Zubrowka Vodka, fresh Blueberry Syrup that is made within the Champagne Bar and Mint Leaves. I love Vodka, Blueberries and Mint so this was a perfect cocktail for me! It was quite a sweet cocktail which some may loathe and some may love but I'm with the latter and I absolutely adored it! The colour of the drink was so pretty that I could literally sit at a bar for a couple of hours and just look at this cocktail whilst drinking it! There were also canapes throughout the night and the first canape which went wonderfully with this drink was a Caprese Salad. It was just wonderful against the sweetness of the drink!

The second cocktail that was given for us to drink was Koko Kanu. (I love saying this for some weird reason!) This one contained Koko Kanu Rum, Orgeat (which is a syrup) and Raspberries. I loved the colour of this one and it reminded me of Mean Girls due to the bright pink and the fact that it had Koko in the name. I love Coconut Rum so that was a good start for the cocktail but I was a bit indecisive about the syrup for some reason... I loved it on the whole though and it reminded me of Summer and the sort of drink that you might have in Hawaii due to the fresh fruit and Coconut. I think that I would have this drink when I'm out with other people and end up lusting over the colour of the drink compared to drinking the first one on my own within the bar. The canape that accompanied this cocktail was a sort of little Raspberry Pastry thing... I'm not completely sure what it's called but it was Puff Pastry sandwiched with Raspberry Coulis and Cream and oh my god it was heavenly!

The last cocktail that we were all served was The Morning After. The cocktail contains Apriocot Briotte, Portobello Road Gin and Fresh Grapefruit. I love the name of this to begin with as some will interpret it in their own way but it is based off the whole coping with a hangover the morning after a good night. The coloured looked more subtle compared to the others but the aroma and scent of this drink was amazing. Thanks to the Grapefruit, it smelt so citrus like and so uplifting which would be great for waking you up! The canape that accompanied this cocktail was a sort of Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Bruschetta sort of thing which went perfectly with the citrus notes of the cocktail!

We were then supplied with more champagne and some more canapes in the form of a scrumptious sausage roll which was amazing! I could have eaten them all night with a sort of salsa/good dip! Myself, Michelle and Luke nattered until we were halted to a stop via a business card competition which was to win things from the bar. Michelle won a Cocktail masterclass at the bar which sounds amazing! We all chatted a bit about the offers at Epernay which I will talk about a bit more below then we drunk more champagne then left the bar.

All in all, we all had an amazing night at Epernay Leeds and we all shared the hashtag #TheEpernayEscape out so if you want to find out who else was at the event or what else happened then check out the hashtag! Have you been to Epernay Leeds or any of the other Epernay bars before? If so then let me know in the comments below!

Epernay Leeds also do a Bottomless Brunch where you get to eat brunch within the beautiful bar and have unlimited/bottomless drinks from their brunch selection. I think that this is an amazing way to spend brunch within Leeds especially if you're with someone who doesn't know Leeds that well. It just screams elegance to me!

Thanks to Michelle for coming along and taking the photos! She always takes amazing photos such as ones that are within this post so check her Flickr out if you haven't already by clicking on her name throughout the post!

I would like to thank Jenna for inviting myself and Michelle to this event. I would also like to thank the staff at Epernay for putting on an amazing event! I have Epernay's website to their name within this post in case you want to look at their drinks menu or if you want to book a reservation! I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post! I hope to see you next time!

Jamie x


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