Thursday 28 April 2016

Celebrating National Stationery Week With A Pop Of Colour


Yes, it's a bad photo but I'm sure you can cope with it. 

This week is National Stationery Week where all things stationery is celebrated and as a student and a blogger I love stationery (I could always do with more) so I thought that I would tell you guys a bit more about National Stationery Week. I was also sent a couple of thingr s from Maped Helix as they are the brand behind National Stationery Week so I thought that I would talk about them as well!

National Stationery Week celebrates all things handwritten and all things stationery, The aim of this week is to get everyone talking about stationery and why writing by hand is so important especially in the world where everything is digital including this blog post. The sort of side aim of this week is to get people to send cards and letter more rather than going for the simpler/easier within some eyes option of sending a text or an email.

I have been celebrating this prestigious week in many ways such as writing out cards instead of just messaging people as I feel that this has a more personal touch and I have also been writing this into my blog/business diary a lot more instead of just typing it on my phone and letting it fester within a file on my mobile device. Doing this has made me realise that not everything has to be done via your phone and that it is kind of fun to jot down something so you can flick back and remember what you need to do without needing to have a charger just to access it.

The first thing that was sent to me was the Maped Graphic Peps Fine Liner. You get 10 of these within a pack and each pen is a different colour which is great as this means that you don't have to stick to the boring black and blue pens. It also could mean that you could use a different colour for a specific thing which would make you pretty organised within life. They're pretty lightweight and from the times that I have used them this week they have a good flow when writing.

The last product that I received was the Maped Color'Peps: Coloured Pencils in a Metal Box. These were self explanatory. They were coloured pencils that came in a metal box. Sadly, I haven't really had the chance to review this yet and I wanted to get this post up for National Stationery Week so I don;t have an opinion on them when it comes to using them but nevertheless I shall tell you a bit about them. They are easy to sharpen which means that you don't have to spend ages over trying to sharpen it just to colour for ten minutes or so before it needs sharpening again. The pencils are also shock resistant which is something that I haven't really seen within a colouring pencil before. I also think that these would be a cool gift for anyone who is obsessed with colouring/colouring books!

Have you been participating within National Stationery Week? Are you a massive stationery fan? Let me know in the comments section below!

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post all about stationery and I hope that you come back for my next post!

Jamie x

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