Wednesday 12 August 2015

How To Conquer Summer | SITC Tips


If you check out my social media outlets then you will know that I'm going down to London for the weekend for various reasons. The main one is to go to Summer In The City. The event attracts thousands of people from the general public who watch YouTube every year which means that theres a good chance that some of the people that are going this year will not have been to the event before and as I went last year I thought I would give some friendly advice to newbies for Summer In The City 2015.

1: Don't Complain:

I know this probably sounds like an annoying tip to start off with but hear me out. I've been lurking on Twitter for the last month or so with Summer In The City on notification as they may release some information about guests and whatnot but a good 40% of the time I have seen SITC trying to reply calmly to certain complaints that have been sent rudely. It's not on. If you have a serious problem then ask them calmly. This also goes for when you get to the event. Don't moan or shout at volunteers because something is taking a bit longer than you expected. Just ask calmly and wait. You need to realise that the creators of SITC and everyone else involved have put in a lot of time, effort and other things to ensure that the event is the best that it can be for everyone going.

2: Bring Money/Food & Water:

So, at SITC, there is normally a good couple of vending machines and quite a few food vendors so it's great to get a drink to make sure you're not thirsty and so you're hydrated and you should get food when you're hungry as it may be a warm venue so you may faint if you don't or become very irritable. You can also bring your own food to share with friends or maybe because you have an intolerance or allergy to a certain food therefore you know that you can enjoy your food without anything bad happening. I would suggest bringing water as well as it will keep you hydrated, it will help your skin look its best for when you're taking selfies and is quite cheap so you can stock up on it. I normally buy a good flavoured water if I'm doing this as I'm quite particular with water.

3: Meet New People:

This sounds like a stupid tip but it might help you. If you're bored or alone in a queue then talking to someone that's behind you may be slightly awkward and uncomfortable but you're in the same queue for some reason so talk about that because you never know they could still be their close friend 5 years down the line plus it means you might not feel so uncomfortable and feel a bit more at ease.

4: Just Breathe

I know this also sounds like a stupid one but if you remember this then you shall be fine no matter what. SITC has other 7000 people going and it's going to be busy as lots of things will be happening and you may feel a bit smothered. Just remember to breathe and hopefully you'll be okay. If you need a friend to calm you down then make sure they're near or message them saying SOS if you can. Try and get out of the enclosed places if you feel a bit closed in as the fresh air will help you feel a bit better due to it being a normal fresh thing within the world. Just try and be okay.

5: Don't Be Sad About YouTubers:
So you may be sad that you don't get to meet a certain YouTuber via meet and greet but try and think positively. Everyone says this every year but there is a reason behind not being sad that you don't get to meet a certain YouTuber. A lot of YouTubers that go are normally at a panel so you can ask them a question and see them in the flesh or wandering around the venue having a good time just like us because creators aren't robots so there's a good chance that you may still meet them!

6: Have Fun!:

I know this should be a thing that's already happening but sometimes at SITC everything isn't how you expected it and things may go wrong due to the universe being the universe but don't be grumpy. go and enjoy some new music via the open mic room or the live stage, go on the funfair, try and use the wifi if you can, get some food. Just enjoy yourself really.

I hope that you've enjoyed this blog post. The video that goes along with it shall be linked below. If you're at SITC this year then let me know down below. If it's your first time then let me know down below.

YouTube Video:

Jamie x

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