Tuesday 25 August 2015

Last Minute Festival Outfit Advice | Superdry Competition Post


So if you have read my blog before then you know that from time to time I like to give out some fashion advice so that hopefully it will help out you lovely people when you're looking for a particular outfit and that's exactly what I'm doing today!

Even though the end of Summer may be nigh, there is still a few festivals that are happening at the moment and I thought I would help you guys plan out an outfit if you're going to any festival that is coming up in the next few weeks or if you've already planned to go to another festival next year. We could all do with a little light planning for the next year so we aren't frantically rushing about the day before you go to the festival.

To start off the festival look, you need a good vibrant yet fun looking tshirt. I'm going to go with the Property of SD tshirt which is on sale at the minute at Superdry. It's meant to be a mens top but honestly if you're female then you can totally rock it as it will be a little bit baggy but it would be awesome for a top to sway about in. I mainly like this top due to the cracked print as it screams out summer and good times out to me. ]
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I would personally team this with either a shirt draped over the top and then maybe a windchester if it's really cold as you can never be too prepared for a festival. The shirt I would choose is the blue Lumberjack Twill Shirt. It's comfortable and it looks great. It would match the blue tones of the tee yet give a relaxed look to the outfit. The fabric of the shirt is quite thick so you could drape it over the top if it's slightly chilly or wrap it around your waist or shove it in a tote bag if it gets too warm during a set.


If it was super cold then I would also maybe layer a windchester on top but keep it open so all the other items of clothing have room to sing. Windchesters are meant to keep you warm. They're such a staple item of clothing for festivals as they're versatile. Take this one for example. It has a black exterior making everything else with colour within your outfit do its thing but compliments the interior via matching with its royal blue sort of colour. Blue is the colour of the sky and therefore has relevance to the sun which relates to festivals...


Skinny jeans are a staple piece of clothing when it comes to any outfit, If you can cope with dancing about in super skinny jeans then by all get them as you'll be able to pull them off but regular skinny jeans give you the freedom and space to move about which make it the ultimate type of jean for a festival. Black jeans are best for this outfit mainly as it will let the other bolder items of clothing do their thing.



Bags are a necessity for festivals. Bags are basically unisex so choose whichever one you want but I like the Tropics Montana rucksack as it gives your outfit a summery influence which intertwines with the outfit but also doesn't take too much attention away from the outfit itself. Everyone needs some sort of bag when going to a festival to put things like phones, portable chargers etc in and I love this one.


If it gets sunny at the festival then you obviously need sunglasses. I've gone two ways with these. You can either keep everything very casual and in the trend with the Rock and Roll Folding Sunglasses or go slightly retro which is still very in at the minute with Navigator Sunglasses which are aviator style.



To finish off the look, you need a good pair of shoes. This can be a tricky situation as there are so many different types of shoes in the world but I'll suggest some suitable for a festival. I'd suggest the Meteor Chukka Boots due to their durability. They're also pretty fashionable due to the leather exterior and I feel that they would stand a chance within mud and rain. I love the colour of them as well...


I have done this post as a competition piece for Superdry where I have a chance of winning some super cool things just for writing and publishing this post. If you're a blogger and you want to take part in this competition then the link shall be down below. I hope you don't mind.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and I hope to see you next time for another blog post. Have you ever bought anything from Superdry then let me know down below! Are you going to any festivals then let me know via the comments as well!

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Jamie x

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