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Money, Money, Money. Money! | Chocolate, Lush & Much More | London Haul


I went down to London as you all probably know because I haven't stopped talking about so I thought that I would do a blog post explaining everything thaat I got therefore I can technically say that everything was for a blog post if anyone asks about spending so much... I'm going to try and keep it in the same order as the video but I'm not sure how well that will go.

The first thing that I got was a jumper from Topman. I went into Topman Oxford Street due to needing a bag as mine had broke and I couldn't find the bags but I found the sale racks and ended up buying a jumper as it was cute. I'll probably wear it when it gets into Autumn. It was £15 in the sale but as I have an NUS card I got it for £13.

I went to Whole Foods Market during the weekend due to the fact that they do a lot of health products and free from products which include vegan, lactose free, gluten free and others so I knew that I was going to love the store. They are very well known in America. I bought some chocolate oat milk from Oatly. I have heard great things about oat milk and I love chocolate soya milk so I knew that I was going to love it. I'm going to do a blog post about it. It sounds strange but go and try it as apparently its at Tesco's and other places.

I also bought some chocolate. The first bar that I bought was Cassis Chocolate by Vivani. Sounds weird but that is the main reason I bought it. If you have used the Comforter bubble bar from Lush then you know that it contains Cassis absolute as Cassis is Blackcurrant liqueur and I wanted to see if chocolate and blackcurrant would work as I've never had it. It worked amazingly. The bitter strong dark chocolate contrasted with the creaminess of the interior but also contrasted with the slightly fruity Cassis. It wasn't overly blackcurranty which I was expecting but it was more Blackcurrant with a slight hint of floral. Reminded me of a much better less rich Turkish Delight somehow.

The last thing which I bought which was another chocolate bar was kind of for a reason. I found lactose free chocolate and I honestly wanted to see how it would taste. I searched through all the different bars and found one that sounded very intriguing. I decided to buy Lavender Chocolate from Seed & Bean, The bar was Organic and Vegan which is amazing in my eyes. I'm going to do a full on blog post about it so I can explain it a lot more so look out for this one. If you can find it near you then I suggest that you buy it so you can try it for yourself if you want something a little bit different.

 I went to SITC as everyone knows but I just thought that I would talk a little bit about the things I got in the goodie bag which was to do with the sponsors of the weekend long event. I got some sunglasses from EE as they were a major sponsor of SITC. I was also given some EE SITC Sim Cards and a wristband on the day as I went to the seating area of their EE Power Shed which was something I have never experienced before but it was quite refreshing for a vendor stall at an event. In the goodie bag I was also given some Pokemon Trading Cards due to Pokemon sponsoring them as there was massive Pikachus roaming around the ExCel and meeting people throughout the day. I also got some other things but I felt like I needed to talk about them the most.

I went to Lush Oxford Street... Yeah, Jamie went to the mothership and he somehow got out of there three hours later which is pretty quick for me... It wasn't filled with teenage girls not moving out of the way to get a product either which is quite rare when beauty shopping. I'm not going to talk much about what Lush Oxford Street is like and stuff as I'm leaving it for another blog post because I can't express a full Lush store with a haul post. I'm going to explain most in this post and a few in the Oxford Street post as theres an explanation behind them.

The first thing I'm going to talk about is the Intergalactic, I bought this before I went to London but I thought I would include it. The bath bomb contains Peppermint as a main ingredient so it is quite refreshing yet invigorating. It has Cedarwood oil in as well therefore it gives the ballistic a rounded woody element which isnt detectable at first but the more you sniff it the more you notice it. It also contains popping candy to give a blasting off into space sort of feel.

I also got a sample of Cup O' Coffee. This product is an exfoliating mask so you get into the nooks and crannies of your skin to get dirt and to remove dead skin whilst doing other great things for the skin. Ground coffee infusion gives the product it's coffee aroma which also makes the mask exfoliating. Roasted cocoa extract takes the edge of the smell and gives it a sweet undertone so if you don't like the smell of coffee then it still might be for you. The mask wakes you and your skin up for the day.

I also got The Comforter Shower Crea,. This one is a cream rather than a gel so it's going to nourish your body a lot more than a normal shower gel would. This is available at all stores but as I was at the store I just thought that it would be easier to get it now rather than waiting until I next pop into Leeds. I decided to get the 500ml mainly as I love The Comforter's blackcurrant/cassis and vanilla scent The shower products from Lush go a long way as I still have some of the Hot Toddy from Christmas 2014 left, Most of the new shower products are at most stores except Lord Of Misrule. The shower gel has a vibrant pink-purple colour and has flecks of lustre throughout the product so if you're not a big fan of lustre but love The Comforter then stick to the bubble bar. I might combine a bit of the bubble bar and the shower cream together, If I do then I'll let you guys know of the result. I could talk about this forever.

I got a chunk of Salted Caramel Soap from the soap bar. Yes! You read that right This one is also available at most stores but the whole concept of the soap bar is quite amazing and if all Lush stores were big enough to have one that would be amazing. (I'll tell you about the concept in the Lush post.) This soap reminds me heavily of sticky toffee pudding but with a more smoky element to it. The description says it should remind you of a hot pudding crossed with a caramel sauce crossed with creme brulee which it seriously does. It is that good, it wouldn't surprise me if I ended up licking it accidentally at some point... The woman at the bar asked if it reminded me of Yog Nog which I agreed but without the whole cocoa powder layer. It has Coconut Oil and Rapeseed Oil which will nourish the skin but it also has coarse sea salt in so if there are pieces in the soap then it will exfoliate at the same time such as Rub Rub Rub would. Ah I can not wait to use it once I've used my current soap up... I have a soap collection...

Now onto the bath oils! Bath Oils are like Bath Melts but Oils are slightly smaller and slightly more vibrant so they give a colour to the bath instead of a creamy layer which the melts give off. There is a lot more oils and as they are slightly smaller this means that they are cheaper than the melts.

The first one that I bought was Sun. The oil literally looks like The Sun due to the round shape and the glitter that encases the product. If you're a fellow Lushie or watch fellow Lushies on YouTube then you'll recognise that this product shares its name with The Sun Perfume. This one contains Shea and Cocoa Butter to make the skin soft and also contains three types of Orange oils to give off a strong orange juice like scent.

The next oil is the complete opposite of Sun. This one is Dreamtime. By the name you can tell that it's a bath product that is going to help you relax and unwind. This one contains Lavender and Chamomile from what I remember which helps the skin as Lavender is such a versatile ingredient for the skin but also helps you slowly relax and drift off to sleep. This one shares the name and basically the scent of the bath melt. This melt has a soothing purple colour to it with a gold lustre Z therefore in the bath its going to give the water a deep purple colour with flecks of gold lustre. The scent is slightly stronger than the melt but if you wanted to make it ten times more stronger then use the Serendipity soap and maybe the Dreamtime Shower Smoothie which is at most stores.

Bringing us back to the bright side of life is the Lime Pastille bath oil. This product has a green exterior with a layer of silver lustre to mimic sugar on this Rowntree's based product. Most of the oils consist of a cocoa, shea and jojoba base which nourish the skin deeply. It also has lime and lemon oils to give the product and your bath a very citrus scent. It reminds of Lime Zest when I smelt it but that might be due to most lime oil being within the zest of a lime. I feel like this could be paired with Avobath if you wanted a full on citrus fizz or the Dragon Egg ballistic if you wanted to amplify the sweetness but not too much to the point where it was useless putting the oil in.

Happy Thoughts is next on our list. This one contains the generic base that all oils have which is the oils but this one also has Brazillian Orange Oil and Neroli which give a slightly orange blossom scent to the product, Neroli is apparently one of the most expensive things in the world so a little goes a long way. The product also contains gold lustre so if the scent isn't uplifting yet relaxing enough to make sure you think happily and positively then the lustre will.

The last bath bomb is Shark Infested Custard. Custard in a bath product?! Yes that's correct. This one doesn't contain lustre from what I can tell but to replace the whimsical cuteness of lustre there is a shark fin. I think the fin is to do with the lack of sharks that are left in the world as most are killed for Shark Fin Soup but I may be wrong. This product has a strong scent of Vanilla but it smells very fresh and natural. It contains Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and many other beneficial oils for the skin. As it sports a very bright yellow to resemble custard, it will give the bath a similar colour which you may either like or loathe. If you were going to mask the colour of the bath then I would use a Butterball to try and keep costs low and as they share a similar scent.

Now onto the two bath bombs... I only bought two as most of them are available at most stores. Golden Slumbers is available via the Spa so if you ask nicely then they might sort that out for you and I wanted a scent that was interesting.

The first one was Cyanide Pill. I have heard so much about this ballistic so I wanted to try it out. Cyanide is one of the ultimate ways to kill someone as it doesn't leave any traces when a post mortem or anything like that is performed. Cyanide also has a very strong almond like scent so Lush have played on this and created a ballistic which reminds me of plastic Paracetamol pills or something from Super Mario. This ballistic also creates a 'volatile' experience in the bath giving the customer a sense of thrill. When it dissolves, the product opens up and releases a whirlwind of silver lustre mimicking mercury. This ballistic contains Lemon, Cedarwood, Rosewood and Almond. When you sniff it, you get more of a mixture of Almond and the Wood oils. If you keep sniffing then you slowly realise the Lemon but its not detectable at the beginning.

I did get a few more things from Lush but they will be in my Lush post as there is a reason behind them and that includes the store so it makes sense to do that. I hope you have enjoyed this haul and if you have tried any of the mentioned above then comment down below and let me know as I'd love to know! I hope to see you next time for another blog post!

There shall be a video of the haul up at some point as due to the length it may take a while to upload so just look out for it on the channel and I'll update the post with the link when it's up.

Jamie x

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