Saturday 1 June 2019

Making The Scent Of Dada That Little Bit Better | Lush Fathers Day Range 2019

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Welcome to a brand new blog post! Lush have released their Fathers Day range, and, I thought that today I would talk to you all about it.

Bath Bombs:

Dear John

New for this year. Lush have released a Bath Bomb scented with Coriander Seed, Vetivert Oil and many more good smelling ingredients. This product has a blue spots on the top and is white everywhere else. This means, that the white creates a thick foam on the top of your bath, and, then the blue slowly comes exploding out like ink out of an exploding pen. £4.95.

A selection of spherical white bath bombs with blue dots on the top next to a black rectangular card that sats Dear John bath bomb in white casual font on a rectangular brown shelf on a bright background

Crazy Train

Choo Choo, climb aboard onto the Crazy Train! This bath bomb is what exactly it says it is. This is a great one for those who loves trains. It definitely makes a fun and interesting product to use in the water! This product contains Red Sicilian Grapefruit, Orange Flower Absolute and many other zesty oils! If you love your bath products to be more on the citrus side, then, you will definitely love this one! £5.50.

A pink and light blue train shaped bath bomb with circular wheels at the bottom and a rectangular spout at the top on a white background

Bubble Bars


Pop goes the weasel in the bath! Inspired by pop art that was made famous via Andy Warhol, this bubble bar looks like pop art, but also, pops and creates art in the bath! Popping Candy ensures that the bubbles pop when foaming up under the water. Buchu and Sicilian Lemon Oils ensure that this product is uplifting and zesty. If you like the Snowman/Carrots range, then you will love this! £4.95.

A yellow spiky bath bomb with red font saying Pop in bubble writing on a large light brown wooden shelf with a rectangular portrait black card saying pop bubble bar in white casual font on a bright background

Shower Gels

Dear John

Some people love baths, and, others love Showers and that's absolutely fine! Lush have released a Shower Gel with the beloved Dear John fragrance for Fathers Day. You can either get it in liquid or solid form. Solid means that you help to reduce the amount of plastic that is wasted and destroyed within the world. This product also contains Coriander Seed and Vetivert Oils. (I'm actually in the midst of writing a review of this product, so keep your eyes out for that.) Liquid: starts from £6.50 for a §00g bottle. Naked: £11.50.

A circular puddle of purple shower gel with specks of light blue on a bright white background


Dear John Coffee Shampoo

Do you need a pick me up when it comes to washing your hair? Well, Lush have got your sorted! This new Coffee inspired Dear John Solid Seampoo helps to awaken your mind and your head. It actually contains Ground Coffee and Clove Infusion which help to scrub at the scalp to ensure it's clean and Aloe Vera to help soothe. Solid shampoo's are great for travelling too! £7.50.

A solid circular purple and brown puck of shampoo with dark brown coffee beans embedded into it on a white bright background


Dear John

I absolutely adore this fragrance. Dear John was the fragrance, that myself and Michelle, bonded over. This fragrance is the epitome of Dear John. In my opinion, I think that the scent is stronger in this than any other Dear John product. I do kind of think that this should be out in many other forms, than, the 30ml fragrance. I do miss this scent in a Body Spray. £25 for 30ml.

A rectangular glass clear bottle containing dark yellow liquid with a rectangular black label saying Dear John in white font in a pale hand on a bright background

There are also a selection of gifts including a Dear John Gift Set. This contains a Fragrance, a Bath Bomb, a bottle of Shower Gel and a Shampoo Bar. £40.

A big blue rectangular box with a circular blue purple label with Dear John in blue with a circular purple shampoo bar with brown circular coffee beans embedded, a cylindrical bottle with purple liquid with a black label saying Dear John shower gel in white font, a spherical white bath bomb with blue spot on the top and a rectangular glass bottle of the perfume on a bright background

Have you tried any of the new Fathers Day products at Lush? Let me know down below! 

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