Friday 21 June 2019

Getting Spicy For The Summer | The Body Shop Summer Range 2019

Hey everyone!

Welcome to a brand new blog post! The Body Shop released two new ranges, and I thought that today I would talk to you about them.

The Body Shop have decided to focus their Summer ranges on food waste. By this, I mean using wonky and unwanted vegetables and fresh ingredients within their products within the Summer Range. The main two ranges that The Body Shop have released for the Summer, are, Banana and Ginger, which both use wonky or wasted pieces of Fresh Banana and Ginger.


Enriched with beautifully gnarly, knobbly and totally twisted ginger root extract from India. This Ginger range ensures that any Ginger Root from India that doesn't get used within beauty products, would be used within The Body Shop's range. The range contains, a Shower Gel, a Body Scrub, Body Yoghurt, Body Butter, and a Hand Wash. If you like the Ginger Anti Dandruff, then imagine the smell of that being the main scent of this range, but more Fresh. Whereas the Anti Dandruff range has more of a dark warming scent that may remind you of Christmas/Gingerbread, this range will give you more of a fresh zingy Ginger Juice sort of scent. The Showr Gel is my favourite product from the range, as it lathers up instantly which intensifies the Ginger flavour slightly. The Body Butter is enriching and keeps your body moisturised for at least 12 hours (I tried it out for the day whilst shopping and I could smell it when I was going to bed). My least favourite Ginger product was the Body Yoghurt. I do love a Body Yoghurt, but mixing a Body Yoghurt with any warm weather isn't the best of ideas, as I found that the warm weather doesn't help the Yoghurt to set.

A small white hand holding a cylindrical plastic bottle which says the body shop ginger shower gel  in black font filled with pale orange shower gel on a bright background


Enriched with Community Trade organic banana puree made from bananas that won’t sell to the food industry. This means that any of the Banana's that don't make it into your smoothies or Banana Bread, get to go into a beautiful Banana product at The Body Shop. This range includes, a Shower Cream, Body Polish, Body Yoghurt, and, Body Butter. If you love sort of sweet scents then you will love this one, as the scent has a sort of Foam Banana scent to it. This range would go perfectly with a Banana Daiquiri in the sun after pampering yourself with beauty products.

A tall plastic clear cylindrical shower gel bottle with bananas all over it filled with pale yellow liquid on a bright background


Shower Gel - £5
Hand Wash - £5
Body Scrub - £15
Body Polish - £10
Body Yoghurt - £8.50
Body Butter - £15

Have you tried any of the above products? What's your favourite scent from The Body Shop? Let me know down below! (Check out The body Shop.)

Thanks for reading! 
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