Tuesday 11 June 2019

Dear John, I See It All Now That You're Gone | Dear John Shower Gel

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Welcome to a brand new blog post! I've been enjoying the Dear John Shower Gel from the Lush Fathers Day range for a while now, and I thought that today, I would talk to you about my thoughts on it. (If you want to find out what the Lush Fathers Day range consists of then click here to read my post about it.) (Click here to check out Lush.)

A tall cylindrical plastic bottle filled with dark blue liquid with a black rectangular label with Dear John in bright white font on a rectangular light brown wooden shelf on a bright background

List Of Ingredients:

Sodium Laureth Sulfate Glycerine Sodium Cocoamphoacetate Fresh Coriander Infusion Fair Trade Organic Clove Infusion Perfume Lauryl Betaine Cedarwood Oil Vetivert Oil Coriander Seed Oil Clove Bud Oil Lactic Acid Water (Aqua) *Citral *Coumarin *Eugenol *Limonene *Linalool Colour 42090 Colour 17200

The Scent

As you can tell from the list above, this shower gel contains Coriander, Clove, and, Vetivert. The best way to sum up Dear John, is Tobacco mixed with a slight touch of Coffee and Herbs. I know that this sounds weird but stick with me. The clove kind of creates the darkness of the coffee, the Vetivert gives the smokiness of Tobacco and the Coriander gives the sort of a fresh herbal hit. I love it as there isn't really a product out there that smells like this. Yes, there is wood based scents, yes there are some herbal scents, and there is a couple of smoky based scents, but, there's nothing out there that merges all three into one. I love this scent for more of a dull day, which lets be real, happens a lot within England.

The Texture

Most of Lush's Shower Gels are slightly thick, and this is no different, but sometimes Lush's shower gels can take a good squeezing to get out. This one does not. It's thick but still quite runny. It's a bit of an enigma because its runny but doesn't run as soon as you tip your hand. Lush also do a Naked version of this product and the texture is very different. The Naked (which ensures that you save on plastic due to no bottle) has more of a tackier texture as soon as you touch it. This foams up slowly to ensure a rich lather. I kind of prefer the texture of the liquid, but, I love the Naked products and think that they have a place and time for myself.


With Lush Shower Gels, there are different prices for different sizes, so I thought that it would be best to put all down just to see the different.

100g - £6.95
250g - £13.95
500g - £22.95

Naked - £11.50

Would I Buy It Again?

Yes, I definitely would. I think that it would be amazing for those colder nights in Autumn time. I personally prefer the Liquid over the Naked but I also think that the Naked version would be great to purchase for travelling. I will definitely be buying more to ensure that I've got enough to cover me, due to this being a limited edition product.

Do I Think It Should Be A Permanent Product?

Yes, it definitely should! Lush please read this and make it a permanent.

Have you tried or enjoyed any of the Fathers Day range from Lush? Have you tried Dear John? Have you read my Fathers Day Range post? Let me know down below!

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