Friday 17 March 2017

Rey and Rufus T Shirt Review


Welcome to another post. The wonderful guys over at Rey & Rufus sent me a wonderful tshirt over to review and take some pictures of. Sadly, I've been slightly ill so I've mainly done Instagram shots when possible.

Rey & Rufus sent me the wonderful 'Alpha' Unisex tee in White which has an amazing wonderful but different design on it. I love it instantly because it's so different and I think that it catches anyone that you walk past eye just like something that has a bright colour to it would.

When they sent me the tshirt, the first that I automatically thought of was the softness. Due to the item being made out of 100% ringspun Cotton, it felt so so so soft which made me feel amazing as I love it when clothes are ultra soft. I also think that if a top is ultra soft then it is an amazing pj/lounging top. It felt like a hug in wearable form.

I got mine in the largest size possible just so I knew that it covered my belly and such but doing so meant that I felt that I could get on the problems of my day and still kick butt in this clothing item as when they say a size they deliver on that and thats what I absolutely love in clothing business!

I think that this top goes well with everything but I love to wear it with anything that has a deep colour to ir such as dark jeans or a bold red shirt or a dark black hoodie. I just think that it makes the top pop and makes it just stand out that little bit more.

I would give this a good 9.8/10. There's nothing wrong with the tshirt even when it comes to things like prices but I just think that this brand needs a couple more designs and a lot more people to talk about them so their name is on everybody's lips.

If you want 10% off any of the Rey & Rufus products then use code JAMIE10 

Do you have a particular clothing item that you're loving at the moment? Let me know down below! 

There is a picture in this post containing myself that has a filter on top of it which consists of makeup and a septum piercing. This filter is via Snapchat.

I hope that you have enjoyed this little post. Don't forget to check Rey & Rufus out!

Thanks for reading! 
Jamie x

This product was sent to me in exchange of a blog post. All views in this post are my own. 

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