Saturday 11 March 2017

Selezione Wine Tasting At Veeno Wellington Place With Michelle


I was invited a good few weeks ago to visit Veeno's new Wellington Place branch with myself, Luke and Michelle to try the Veeno Selezione wine tasting at the bloggers event that they were holding

Veeno, the Italian wine cafe, have a new bar in the new Wellington Place business park in Leeds City Centre. They already have one branch on Greek Street (which myself and Luke call Food District due to the amount of bars and restaurants that are around Greek Stret.) The Selezione experience includes 2 white wines, 1 rose wine, 2 red wines and 1 sweet dessert wine along with the matching authentic spuntini (appetizer platters) to match each wine with which includes a sweet treat with the sweet dessert wine.

The three of us walked from the train station to Veeno which didn't take too long as the Wellington Place bar is a slightly hidden gem but it is still in the city centre so you don't have to travel too far to get to this beautiful bar. You definitely know when you reach the excellent establishment as the building has a glass front but also has terrific twinkling lights in the window.

We arrived inside the vibrant Veeno and was lead to a table with high seated chairs and tables which I was uncomfortable on to start off with but as the night went on I got used to then towards the end my back started to ache due to having no support from the chair. A woman came up and asked us if we wanted anything to drink as none of us really knew what was going on we said no and waited for someone to come across and tell us how the night was going to go which happened a couple of minutes later.

We were told that we were going to be tasting five wines (2 red, 2 white and 1 rose) which would come with matching sputini (canapes to go along with them) and then we would be trying a sweet wine at the end of the night which would be matched with an Italian Tiramisu.

The first wine is the Timpune Sicani Grillo, a dry Sicilian White Wine. This is served with Mozzarella Di Buffala (Buffalo Mozzarella) with Lettuce and bread sticks. The mozzarella was delicious and was the perfect accompaniment to the wine. I do think that pairing it with Lettuce was a great idea to catch any milk that came from the Mozzarella but ours oozed milk out as soon as we bit into it which meant that the Lettuce wasn't really a vehicle after that first bite. This was my second favourite wine of the whole night. If you're not the biggest fan of wine then I think that you will still love this one.

The second Wine is the Corte Ferro Sicani Zibibbo, A White Wine that Cleopatra apparently drank! This is served with Pecorino in Grotta, (Sheeps Milk Cheese.) This was served with baked bread sticks. The food was delicious with a slight bitter edge/ I didn't mind this one but it was very sharp so I could only drink so much of it. Michelle thought this one was nice.

Number three! This one is the Tasari Syrah, the house Rose Wine. This is paired with Speck (Smoked Ham.) The rose wine was delicious and slightly rounded. I only drink Rose from time to time but I could definitely imagine drinking this and chatting away just like myself, Luke and Michelle were at Veeno. The ham was delicious especially with that smoky edge. (Sorry about none of the accents being on the e's.)

The fourth one is the Sachia Sicani Perricone, A Red Wine with Liquorice and Spices. This is served with Bresaola (Beef) with warm slices of Bread. I loved the Bresaola as it was tender yet slightly chewy and sweet but savoury. It sounds so weird but it was amazing because it covered all aspects of what you want in a good piece of cured Meat. I do love a good tender piece of cured Meat. I liked this Wine because it was so different but I couldn't finish the glass as the Liquorice gave it such a rich flavour so I gave the rest to Michelle who loved it! (There's no pictures for this one as we were having too much fun!)

Fifth stop on the Wine train! This stop is the Cutaja Le Selezione Nero d’Avila Riserva. A rich Red Wine served with Gorgonzola cheese on small Crackers. I loved this one. The slight sweet Red Wine paired with the slightly bitter/salty Gorgonzola beautifully and I just loved this one.

Stopping for the last time! This Wine is the Tagos Grillo. This one is a sweet dessert wine. This is served with homemade Tiramisu. This was my first time trying a sweet wine so I wasn't sure what to expect but it was lovely! I was also trying Tiramisu for the first time and I want it all right now whilst I'm writing this please! Tiramisu means pick me up and this Tiramisu can pick me up any day of the week. It was just delicious!

Do you have a favourite wine? Let me know down below! 

There you have it, my opinions on the wine and food that myself and Michelle tried at Veeno Leeds - Wellington Place. Luke is doing his own post about the wine tasting so check it here when it goes up. Thank you to Michelle for taking the photos and joining us for the wine tasting. Thanks to the staff at Veeno Wellington Place for inviting us and putting on an amazing night.

Thanks for reading!
Jamie x

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