Wednesday 22 March 2017

Jamie Spills The Tea | We Don't Get Cute, We Get Drop Dead Gorgeous | Haus Of Edwards

C'mon Jamie Spills The Tea, let's get sickening! We're back, back. back again!



Welcome back to another Jamie Spills The Tea. The series where I try to educate you all on people within the LGBT+ community. Today, I'm talking about the Haus Of Edwards if you didn't realise by the title or the catchphrases at the beginning of the post. 

Haus Of Edwards is a drag family that was formed together by RuPaul's Drag Race contestant, and winner of many gay pageants, Alyssa Edwards. From my recollection via Alyssa's web series via the WOWPresents YouTube Channel, Alyssa met her eldest drag daughter (Shangela) via a gay pageant. Alyssa also has four other members in her drag family. They are Vivenne Pinay also known as Miss Vivi, Laganja Estranga and Gia Gunn. All members of Haus Of Edwards are RuPaul's Drag Race alumni. 

As I mentioned above, Alyssa adopted her first daughter back in 2003 via when she needed a back up dancer for a pageant and ended up getting to know Shangela. After a while, Shangela admitted that she wanted to start performing in drag and the rest is history. Shangela is also an actor, comedian and reality television personality. 

Vivienne Pinay 

Alyssa met Vivi via the both of them being on the same season of Drag Race. Although Pinay was eliminated quite quickly from Drag Race, they both stayed in touch and now Vivienne splits their time via performing and helping Ms. Edwards out on her webshow 'Alyssa's Secrets'. Alyssa refers to them via many nicknames but the main one is Miss Vivi or Vivianna. Pinay means girl from the Philippines.  

Laganja Estranga

Laganja Estranga means The Strange Weed. Laganja became a member of the Haus Of Edwards via working at Alyssa's dance studio 'Beyond Belief'. Laganja admitted to Alyssa that they wanted to partake in drag and after some persuasion Alyssa slowly helped Laganja become who they are today. Except for their values on marijuana, Laganja is also known for being able to deathdrop and for their catchphrases that were shown in S6 of Drag Race such as 'C'mon Season 6, let's get sickening', 'Yes Gawd', 'I feel very attacked' and many others. Laganja now has several songs that you can listen to via Spotify/iTunes/other streaming services. 

Alyssa Edwards 

Back rolls? Beast! Always and forever, Alyssa Edwards... Alyssa is known for participating in S5 of Drag Race and S2 of Drag Race: All Stars. Alyssa found her way via gay pageants. She has won many of them and came up as a lovely alternate in some of them too. Alyssa is the mother of the Haus Of Edwards and is amazing. If you haven't watched Alyssa's Secrets then do so! 

Gia Gunn 

Gia is definitely an absolutely amazing person who loves their Tilapia but when it comes to the Haus Of Edwards, it feels a bit like shes that one Kardashian sister who's doing her own stuff most of the time so she seems like she doesn't fit the Kardashian ethos if you get what I'm babbling about? Gia can kill it with the dancing but it just feels a bit like that. I think that Gia is an absolutely fabulous person but I'd just like to see a bit more when it comes to the family. 

I am also going to include a performance by Haus Of Edwards in case you want to see them in action. Click here to watch it. 

I hope that you have enjoyed this Jamie Spills The Tea episode and I hope that you come back for another blog post.

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Thanks for reading! 
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