Saturday 3 September 2016

Celebrate Being 3 With Cake | Pastille Leeds


A few weeks ago, I was invited to come and celebrate Pastille's third birthday by going to their stores to have a good old knees up so I went! I also dragged along Michelle and Luke because it's always fun to invite more people to the party!

We met Michelle at the train station and headed on an adventure to find Pastille and after 20 minutes of not realising that it was basically in front of us we ended up at Pastille. Pastille had invited a few other bloggers and businesses to help them celebrate their third birthday. The businesses that were at the event were Borrowed Couture who specialises in amazing dresses, Handmade Sweet Designs who make handmade jewellery and Sugar Crush who had brought some cakes with them to get us all in the party mood!

Myself, Michelle and Luke instantly saw Katie when we entered the beautiful store so we spent sometime just chatting about anything and everything such as blogging, photos and Lush. We kept talking for a while and then decided to wander around. We all checked out the wonderful jewellery from Handmade Sweet Designs and then myself and Michelle clocked eyes onto Lizi and had a good old blogger based natter. It's great when you catch up with bloggers at events.

Items from Handmade Sweet Designs
Michelle then decided to get her nails done a beautiful purpleish colour which screamed her whilst I had another wander around and grabbed a Mint Chocolate Brownie. They were fabulous. Dense with a bit of goo and deep with chocolate flavour. There was also a bit of cream on top of brownie which gave a tad bit of lightness compared to rich chocolate and then there was a crisp bit of chocolate coated mint which gave a bit of texture and flavour. Gorgeous. Michelle finished getting her nails done and we then decided to fully check out the beautiful bakes that Sugar Crush had brought to the event which included a gorgeous Rocky Road with Popcorn in, a quintessentially British Eton Mess with a nice glittery Cherry on top! Sugar Crush also create bakes for baby showers, weddings, tea parties and more!

Mint Chocolate Brownies

Myself and Luke both decided to get manicures. I got a mix of matte turquoise and sparkly turquoise nail polish which I absolutely loved! I always love a bit of sparkle. Luke got a more muted white/pastel pink colour. We chatted a bit more and just had a wonderful time. We decided that it was time to make the adventure back to the train station so we grabbed our bags, grabbed some wonderful food from Sugar Crush which included their marvellous brownies. I love brownies, got handed a goodie bag which included rainbow highlighter and headed back to Leeds Train Station.

I had a wonderful time at Pastille's birthday event and hope that they have more fabulous years within Leeds! I hope that you have enjoyed this little post.

Have you been to Pastille before? Let me know down below!

Jamie x 

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