Friday 9 September 2016

What You Need For University | 5 Essentials For Uni


I know that a good few people will be setting up shop in an unknown territory for the next three or so years very soon so I thought that from one student to another that you could do with some tips on what your top five essentials should be for uni!


This may sound like a weird suggestion but you will thank me in the long run. If you ever get any change then I would suggest putting into a clean jar (the jar could be a recycled jar of jam or something) as you can store the change in this and then when it comes to needing change for cleaning your clothes you know that you won'be too poor to even have change or have to awkwardly break into a note by going to the nearest place with a cash machine.

Dry Shampoo

If you haven't been using dry shampoo then where have you been for the last few years? Under a rock? Dry shampoo will come in extra handy when at uni for when you either want a touch up volume wise or for when you've slept through your alarms and you have to rush to get to your lecture just on time and it's only a couple of pounds when on offer so it will help you out a lot!


Chargers will instantly save you from having a meltdown when your devices die during lectures/adventures during the day/nights out so be prepared! Get back ups as wires do break easily, get power bars and so forth. Do everything you can to avoid that meltdown happening!


You're probably wondering why I have grouped these two things together. I have done this because laptops and such can be classed as stationery as you do need them to type stuff down, to voice record lectures and so on. You do also need stationery though as you might actually need to write things down just in case or if your laptop dies then its a good back up and students and stationery collecting go hand in hand as they are cute and cheap sometimes!

Cheap Sources For Caffeine

This sounds bad but you will need cheap sources of caffeine for after a hangover or for the night before a deadline... Cheap sources might include getting energy drinks in bulk or buying a big jar of espresso powder and living off that for those moments. It's great when they're all on offer as well!

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post! If you are going to University then I hope that your moving in goes well and that you don't die from Freshers.

Have you used any of these essentials? Let me know down below!

Jamie x

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