Friday 9 September 2016

Is It Love? | Lady Gaga Perfect Illusion Review


I know a post has already gone up today but I thought that I would write a quick review of Lady Gaga's new song 'Perfect Illusion' as I am quite an avid fan of hers and have talked about her a couple of times on here. It's going to be honest so go get a drink, read this and then go listen to it! 

With a couple of years break from releasing her last solo album ARTPOP and dabbling into things such as jazz music and American Horror Story, it was time that Gaga finally made a great pop comeback. Gaga (real name Stefani Germanotta), 30 stated after an awards ceremony earlier this year that her next solo album would be released this year. This instantly made fans buzz and prod when Gaga slowly went off the radar from talking about anything that was about new music until photos and press statements were released saying that she was working on new music with Mark Ronson and a few others. 

Gaga's last solo album ARTPOP flopped on an industrial level after things such as an iTunes Festival slot and many other things such as an app was shown to the public. I think that the public didn't realise that ARTPOP wasn't a general 'Lady Gaga does her Pop style' thing but was more of a 'Gaga is trying to show you whats underneath the Gaga' album which made people not interested in listening to it. Things such as only a few of the songs going to a single may have influenced this as well. 

Lady Gaga then released via Twitter that her single was going to be Perfect Illusion and with Gaga doing things such as 'Cheek To Cheek'. the Sound Of Music medley, the National Anthem and Till It Happens To You (which was for The Hunting Ground) no one knew what Gaga was going to drop until today when she finally released it to the world. 

With starts of a mixture of electronic and rock, no one knows whats happening but it instantly sends shivers down your back and reminds me of the intro to 'The Edge Of Glory'. Theres some echoing of oh which reminds me of Bad Romance. The beat then kicks in which instantly makes you want to tap or stomp your feet along to the song. The chorus kicks in and this is when everyone realises that Gaga isn't just a weirdo in the music industry but someone who can sing and can create a deep track just with the voice. This carries on all the way through the song and it makes you want to dance quite a bit along to and maybe even sing along to it in your hairbrush or something along the lines. The Haus Of Gaga stated that this was going to be a dance floor anthem and that is very true but its not what you expect from a dance floor anthem. 

The lyrics are quite repetitive but honestly what song isn't repetitive nowadays? (Remember the amount of times Rihanna said Umbrella or Gaga with Bad Romance and they were both massive hits!) The lyrics repeat 'It wasn't love' and 'it was a perfect illusion' quite a few times and I am wondering if this was in regards to her relationship with actor Taylor Kinney, the whole ARTPOP album as that had several references to Aphrodite and love or something completely different? 

The only big flaw within this song is kind of the track/melody. It's very Papa Don't Preach-esque with a bit of twist which might land Gaga in a bit of hot water. Mark Ronson, Tame Impala, Bloodpop and all of the other people that have worked on this track have done a great job creating a good comeback song thougb and with other people such as Diane Warren (Till It Happens To You), Elton John and RedOne who basically helped Gaga make her signature stamp in the music world stated on her new album, who knows what to expect? 

I would give this a good 9.7/10 just because the repetition is a love or loathe thing and the Papa Don't Preach similarities are a bit skewed for my liking and the fact that this is a great comeback song but is all a great Summer song and it has been released when Summer is basically over. 

Come and click below to listen to the song! 

I hope that you have enjoyed my little review and that you are having a great day. Leave your opinions of the song in the comments section! 


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