Monday 12 September 2016

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I know that everyone is going back to education and things like that and the one thing that gets left out of the conversation is finance so I thought that today I would kind of talk about that.

When you start further education, you instantly kind of sort finance out but finance only lasts so long and then you have to find other ways to feed yourself and do other things unless you work in your spare time after lectures and things like that. It's hard being a student sometimes!

If you have ever been a student then you will know the struggle of living on 15p cans of beans and other things such like trying to afford a night out on one drink or living via discounts and offers and when you need some money it can be hard but there is ways of coping such as loans. I know loans sound like a dirty word but they don't have to be!

Glo is a website that offers loans in a different way than usual. Glo talk to someone who is close to you and is happy to support you and then if they are sure that you can afford the repayments then they will give you the loan which is a lot easier than some of the other ways that you can acquire a loan and this helps people who might be new to this whole loan thing or stuff like that. I think that this is quite a nifty idea and takes a lot of the scare and paperwork out of the occasion.

Glo will also make you feel a bit safer when it comes to loans as there is no set up fee and there is a fixed interest rate so you won't have any nasty surprises which I think is a great thing. If you want to know more about the guarantor loans at Glo

I hope that you have found this post informative and interesting and I hope to see you next time for another blog post!

Jamie x

This post was obviously in collaboration with Glo. All ramblings, views and opinions are my own,

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