Monday 18 July 2016

Wearing Fashion Differently | Ushiwear Clothing


A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to Ushiwear Clothing's pop up store launch within Trinity Leeds. Sadly, as I've been very busy, the Ushiwear pop up store has now closed but I will mention later on within the post where you can check out Ushiwear Clothing.

Ushiwear Clothing was born from the mind of Jilly Kapusi who with the help and support of her husband launched the British brand back in 2008. Inspired by her own and her families love of nature and the outdoors, Jilly went about creating a range of clothing that intertwined not just style but also comfort. All of Ushiwear's products are designed and handprinted within the UK. Things such as labels and packaging are manufactured within the Ushiwear Clothing store in Mirfield.

Once myself and Luke had entered the superb store, we met with the lovely team that had invited us to the event. We got handed a fresh orange juice (there was also Prosecco but I don't like to start off with a Prosecco. We had a wander around and I instantly ended up looking at the food that they had on offer which is typical of myself. There were some lovely nibbles on display including some cute cupcakes that had designs on the top of them in the form of icing.

We wandered around the store to see all of the amazing products that Ushiwear sell. There is some amazing designs on the t-shirts. There is also the softest feeling clothing within the store. Y'know that sort of soft where you instantly know that it would be good as an Autumn/Winter staple piece? So many colours!

We were then asked if we wanted to have a talk with Jilly herself who told us the story of Ushiwear which I have condensed down at the top of the post. She also told us that Ushiwear is committed to helping local charities which I think is amazing and that if you want something in a different colour or size then they'll make it and send it out to you.

We had another look around the store and then I chose my tshirt, said our goodbyes and left the store.

I hope that you have enjoyed this little summary of the event. Have you checked out any of the Ushiwear Clothing's items? Let me know down below. If you click on Ushiwear then you will get sent through to their website! I hope that you come back and read the next post!

Jamie x

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