Tuesday 26 July 2016

I'm Loving Making My Own Big Mac | McDonalds Briggate


If you have been a reader for a while then you will know that sometimes after blogger event myself, Luke and Michelle normally end up in McDonalds within Leeds Train Station so when McDonalds invited me to a bloggers event within Leeds, I had to say yes!

I walked up to the grand building and met the PR team that had sorted out the event and said hi to Kelly. We walked up to the top floor and sat down in a quiet corner away from the rest of the customers that were enjoying their meals. I sat down and was asked if I would like anything to drink. I automatically said yes and asked for a water as it was the hottest day of the year and I was already sweltering in a thin top and shorts.

We met the manager and franchiser of the Leeds Briggate/Trinity Leeds branch and the surrounding area who talked about some of the myths that are related with McDonalds such as that people sometimes still don't believe that the french fries are made with real fresh potatoes. He also told us about how more stores are slowly being renovated and fitted with touch screen machines and table service so your meal is brought to you.

We made our way back downstairs towards the touchscreen machines where we were given a demonstration of them. The touchscreen's have a sort of app layout to them. You can scroll up and down through all the categories and then you have a sort of box window on the right with a more of a slide left to right feel to it. This sort of layout means that you actually have a chance of scrolling through the menu and deciding on what you want instead of going for the usual thing because the counters are busy.

I found out that you can adjust and personalise the meal to what you want. I also learnt that there is other options when it comes to getting a meal eg you can get things like carrot sticks instead of fries and that you can get things such as orange juice with your meal. This means if you're having a cheat day or anything of that sort then you can have your McDonalds and not feel too bad at the same time.

We were then directed to the back of the restaurant where we were shown the stock rooms, the chillers and all of the stock such as things for coffees, things for McFlurrys. components of Big Macs and many other things. The chillers were amazing because it was sweltering outside but in the chillers the temperature was amazing!

We were given a hat, an apron and a badge. We were then told that myself and Kelly were going to be making our own Big Macs. It looked stressful but I had some help from an employee so I managed to make one without burning the store down and making it not look like a complete mess. We took our creations back upstairs and chatted some more with a nice side of French Fries and a Chocolate and Honeycomb Frappe. (I had never tried any of their Frappes before but it was gorgeous!)

We chatted some more about anything and everything, ate the amazing food and slurped on our drinks and then thanked everyone and said our goodbyes!

Have you tried the touch machines at McDonalds? Do you always get the usual? If you do then tell me what the usual is. Tell me everything down in the comments section below!

I would like to thank the PR team, McDonalds and the staff at the Leeds Briggate store for making my experience at McDonalds amazing! I hope that you have enjoyed this post and I hope that you come back next time to read another post!

Jamie x

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