Friday 22 July 2016

Being In A 'Relationship' With Your Best Friend


Today's post is going to be a different one on the post. I'm trying to get as varied as possible on the blog at the minute just so I can experiment with things/show off that I don't just write about going to events or reviewing stuff.

If you know me at all or have read this blog for a good few months then you will know that I go to a lot of things with my best friend Michelle. (Yes, I'll link to her website in this post because friends give their friends exposure!)

When myself and Michelle go out to things such as events etc, we get comments that insinuate that we're a couple and we play up to that fact because well why not? It's fun doing so! It's gotten to the point where most people (including our families to a certain funny degree) think that we're an item and I seriously don't mind that because she's a lovely person and if I could be in a relationship with her then I would.

Doing so literally means expressing our love via being quirky within public which means doing things such as singing/meowing well known songs at the top of our voice, talking about anything and everything because nothing is ever off limits, holding hands in public just to reassure everyone, going on cute dates, giving each other personal nicknames that nobody else would understand if we called each other them in public and many other things.

We spend time apart but when we do meet up then its amazing. I legit don't think If people want to believe that we're together then I don't mind as it comes in pretty handy at places such as bars or when we're out and about in Leeds or anywhere shopping and creepy people try to chat one of us up.

If you haven't checked out Michelle's photography then click here because it's honestly amazing! I hope that she's reading this and that she remembers that she's a fabulous multicoloured unicorn (because of her hair) that is amazing and that she has impacted my life in such a way that I'll never forget. Hopefully she'll read this when she feels a bit down in the dumps and smile as well because I love Michelle quite a lot and want her to be happy within life.

I hope that you've enjoyed this blog post. I know it's not something that I'd usually put up but I hope you've enjoyed reading it though.

Jamie x

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