Thursday 30 June 2016

Three Essential Accessories For The Modern Gent


Today's post is well about the top accessories that I think the modern gent needs in their life.

I couldn't find a stock image of a modern gent and I'm too tired so heres one from Pinterest instead.

1: Sunglasses. 
I know that this sounds like just a summer based idea but it is not. Sunglasses can be used for various things. They can help you hide from others noticing that you came straight from the night before, they can help you fight UV rays from the sun and they can help add some much needed personality to your outfit especially if its a Monday morning dark and bland suit for the office.

2: Watches. 

Tick, tock! Watches add an element of elegance to any outfit casual or smart. They can help add another dimension to your suit with the metallic details of the object or could add a snazzy element to a casual outfit (say checked shirt, jeans and casual shoes). They also obviously give you the time for things which means that you have no problem getting to a meeting, interview or any event really at an unfashionably late time!

3: Rucksacks

Okay, so any bag will really do here but I love a rucksack so I thought I would suggest a rucksack. I mean they're portable and can be used for both casual and formal things whereas a briefcase might look a bit weird for things that are casual such as a Sunday brunch with the friends. You can get them in many colours so theres a good chance that they will go with your outfit. A rucksack normally has a few pockets so you can fit everything that you need in them. I just think that rucksacks are an amazing accessory!

I hope that you've enjoyed my little accessories for the modern gent/gentleman. I hope that you're having a great day and I hope that you come back for another blog post!

Jamie x

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