Saturday 11 June 2016



I've decided that I'm going to do advertisement on the blog starting from next month. I suppose that I have been doing advertisement on the blog for a while via advertising brands in the form of sponsored blog posts but I now want to advertise you lovely lot! There's no picture for this post because frankly its not needed.

A lot of blogs do this and I've decided to start doing this now as I've always felt that my blog isn't as great as other blogs that I read but I honestly think that now is the time to srart doing this as I will get a tad bit of income from doing this which will probably go back into the blog via travel to events and things like that but I also get to promote amazing people!

So here's how it's going to work! 

I'm going to test out the following for two months and then reassess how the advertisement packages have been going and change them accordingly to the demand of people wanting to be advertised on my blog.

The first package: 

An introductory Facebook post, Tweet & Instagram photo (if you send over the photo that you would like to be featured.
2 Tweets of your posts/your work (eg photos/general website) within the month.
2 RT's/Facebook Shares of your work onto my Facebook Page per month.
2 #FF's on Twitter during the month.
A button on my sidebar. It's shrinks to fit due to Blogger wanting to be Blogger which will link to your website so readers can instantly get to your work.
A mention in a post during the month.

There will be three of these per month and they will cost £5.

The second package: 

An introductory Facebook post, Tweet and Instagram photo (if you send one over.)
A button on my sidebar which will be linked to your website so readers can access your work instantly.
4 RT's/Facebook Shares of your work during the month.
4 #FF's on Twitter during the month.
A mention in a post at the beginning of the month.

This costs £10. It's not double on everything because this would tire me out but there is only one of these per month so as soon as it's gone. It's gone.

My Stats are:
Total Pageviews 33.519
Pageviews Per Month: 2700
Facebook Likes: 74
Twitter Followers: 1,789
Instagram Followers: 333

Advertisement starts on the 1st of July 2016. 

If you would be interested in advertising on Jamie Sowden then you can send me an message over at with:

Your blog/business URL
Your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles
Which package you would like.

Once you have sent me this across, I can then send you through payment details.

I know that this has been a bit of a weird post but I hope that starting advertisement on Jamie Sowden will be a great thing. I'm going to be sticking to hey from now on for several reasons.

Jamie x

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