Monday 9 May 2016

Tying Up The Knots Within Life | Frederick Thomas London


I was sent some gorgeous goodies from the guys over at Frederick Thomas London and I thought that today I would tell yoogu guys a little bit more about them as a brand and also about what I got sent.

Frederick Thomas London were established within 2ter009. They are well known for selling high quality mens business/sartorial accessories such as ties, cufflinks and braces. There are lots of designs when it comes to their products which means that they fit a plethora of social/formal occasions. They will even make custom designs for places such as schools, football teams and so on. If you're looking for something amazing to accessorize your suit/formal clothing with then I would definitely check out their website!

The tie that I was sent looked amazing within its packaging. The material felt amazing and you could instantly tell that the product had been handmade as you could feel the amount of love and passion that had been put into it when creating the tie. The pattern of the tie was so me which is great although I didn't choose the tie so I wasn't sure on what to expect when the items had arrived. The pattern was mainly skulls which means that it will give an alternative addition to any outfit that I wear with it. The pricing of the ties vary depending on what pattern is on them and so forth but they're not too expensive which means I may get some more in different patterns for when I need a tie to accompany my outfit. I wore mine with a simple black shirt which I think is the best way to wear it and it simply popped against the darkness of the shirt.

I also received some socks which is amazing as I think that everyone could always do with more socks within their life. These particular socks came with a funky little pattern on the top of the clothing piece and honestly it just makes them a little bit different to the generic sock that you can get within most shops. This particular pair are great for summer as they have a great sort of colour pattern going on and accompany anything that is summery quite well.

All in all, two great accessories to go with any outfit  whether it'd be to go along with something to wear to a formal event or to accessorise an outfit to wear to have drinks in.

I would like to thank Frederick Thomas London for sending me these items. If you click on their name within this post then it will send you to their website where you can check out more of the wonderful items that they stock.

Thanks for reading this blog post and I hope that you come back next time to read the next one.

Jamie x

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