Sunday 15 May 2016

Super Dad To The Rescue! | Lush York Fathers Day Preview Bloggers Event


DOAML is back! I thought that I would bring it back with a bang via talking about an event that I went to at the Lush York store. This event was to explore and find out about the new Fathers Day range!

We entered the store and instantly found/saw the new bath products within the range. We gave them a sniff as all Lush products take a good few times to realise the scent when it comes to new products due to the aroma of the other products mingling within the air.

We were introduced to the Lush York staff and was then offered a drink of either ginger beer or lemonade as they are apparently both linked to Fathers/maybe their nostalgia of the 'good old days'... We were then given a little introduction about the Fathers Day range and other things such as the background of Sandalwood as it is a main ingredient of most of the FD range. We were then given a treasure hunt to do within the store where we were given clues to find sandalwood orientated products. Whoever used the clues and found the products soon won a sandalwood based product  I only hesitated on one clue but as I didn't know the store that well I didn't know where every product was based so sadly I didn't win.

Now, a good few products within the range are based around the Gorilla Fragrance Smugglers Soul which is a fragrance that is mainly scented with two different types of Sandalwood Oil but at the same time contains Lemongrass Oil which makes this an amazing We were given a talk about how the Sandalwood is resourced and also that Lush actually sell a book about the journey of Sandalwood within their stores. We smelt the fragrance and got to see the different versions as it comes in different sizes such as a little solid perfume for when you don't want to carry a clunky bottled fragrance around with you and a 200g mist which might be best for those who adore this woody based scent. This scent and all of the Fathers Day products are all gender neutral so just because you're not a Dad or a guy doesn't mean that you can't get involved with this range!

We then wandered on to the bath section to find out all about the new products that will probably be very popular! The first beautiful ballistic that we had to joy of seeing fizz was Lava Lamp. This bomb has been within the reach of any customers that can get to Oxford Street for a long while but as everyone including myself can't do that very often so Lush decided to release it to all stores so it could get as much funky love as possible! The scent is very Orange orientated. The concept of this bomb is that the purple spots of oil melt into the bath and intertwine with the vivid colour of the bomb to create a trippy effect within the bath.

The second amazing thing that we got to see is Super Dad/ This is a new product out especially for Fathers Day which is obvious via the name but nevertheless its a great product! It contains 2 different types of wood again to give a slightly heady forest scent to the bomb but at the same time it contains Olibanium which gives the product a slightly clean scent. It fizzes up well and I think that this would make a great product for any Dad but also at the same time a good gift to give to anyone who is interested/slowly getting into Lush.

The last bath based product that was demonstrated within the store was The Modfather. I think that this one is very much influenced via the Mods/Rockers era hence the name and basically the design of the product but at the same time I also think that Dads/older people might see this and remember the 'good old days'. The scent of this is mainly Brazillian Orange Oil which is in such products as Brightside and Sunnyside from what I remember which will brighten up anyone's day!

We then went around to the soap. When it comes to limited edition collections/ranges at this animal friendly brand, there is normally a soap that accompanies it. The soap that accompanies the Fathers Day is called Thanks Dad. This soap is super for many reasons but the main two are that its already cut out so you don't have to worry about feeling that your Dad/whoever may think that a weirdly cut soap is a bit weird and that it smells of chocolate orange digestives! I am eating a digestive and sniffing the soap and I have to admit they smell very similar! As I said above, this soap is shaped into a block just like the Valentines Day one was shaped as a heart which means that you know how much it will cost instead of having the awkward but great chat with the staff over 107g being fine or not. It's shaped like a playing block which will make anyone nostalgic when they see this great soap! This soap has Fresh Orange Juice in to cleanse and brighten the skin and Brazillian Orange Oil to give it that Chocolate Orange sort of scent.

We then go to try out the new Smugglers Soul Facial Scrub and Multi-purpose Cream. I have slowly been trying out Smugglers Soul due to seeing leaks of the range beforehand and thinking that I must see what its like so I know what to expect from the range/so I could instantly fall in love with the range instead of being hesitant then falling in love with it as soon as it is going like I have done many times within the past! The Facial Scrub has a more subtle scent to it due to the various butters and oils that go into this scrub but I still adore it! This one also has bamboo extract in (they only collect the ones that fallen from what I remember) which gives the scrub its perfect texture. It's more of a light daily scrub compared to something like Ocean Salt and is great for anyone!

The body lotion has a stronger SS scent to it. This body lotion can be used for various things which makes it an amazing product to buy! You can use this multi-purpose cream to make your body oh so soft, moisturise your face or to use as a hair product. The scent is quite strong but this means that it lingers for quite a long while and makes anyone that walks past you want to sniff you for a long while... The price of it is £15 but that is mainly because of the size of the product and there is so many oils within the product which makes it an amazing cream! I absolutely love it due to the strongness of the scent!

We then wandered on over to the hair section to have a look at the shampoo bars and solid conditioners to have a look at the new Smugglers Soul Shampoo Bar. It has pieces of Cocoa Butter within it as Lush found out that a lot of people don't have time to shampoo and condition so mixing the two together sometimes works better time and money-wise.

We then looked at the gifts that are on offer at Lush for Fathers Day which include a little gift which is based around the beach, one that includes an adorable scarf for those chilly days which is based around Rupert The Bear and a massive gift set which is simply called Lush Men. It comes in an amazing wooden box which can be used for storage as well!

We looked around after and had a sniff at many of the products. I decided to buy a Big Blue which contains seaweed from the coast near Poole and has a wonderful clean scent. I am going to use this ballistic and pretend that I am a beautiful sea creature-human hybrid.

Myself and Luke were given a goodie bag containing all things Sandalwood including The Plumps Solid Conditioner, Floating Island Bath Melt, SS Face Scrub, The Modfather, Thanks Dad Soap. I can't wait to try them all and tell you guys what I think maybe via Social Media or a blog post.

Have you tried any of the new products? What do you think? Let me know down below in the comments section!

Thanks to Lush York and Urika at Lush PR for inviting me to this preview event and for putting on an amazing event! I hope that you have enjoyed this post and I hope that you come back soon for another DOAML post soon!

Jamie x

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